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25 June 2024

Stakeholder Meeting:

AI in biodata: Industry insights

Save the date for this Stakeholder Meeting that will be held in connection with Danish BioImaging Network's annual scientific symposium.

The workshop

Use of AI in biodata analysis

The Stakeholder Meetings are a series of afternoon meetings, where software producers, microscope facilities, and life scientists discuss common goals and needs.

At the previous meeting, we discussed whether life scientists should learn to program. In this meeting, we will explore the industry perspectives of using AI in biodata analysis.

This Stakeholder Meeting  will be held in connection with Danish BioImaging Network’s annual scientific symposium but we kindly ask you to sign up for the Stakeholder Meeting separately.

Target audience

Who should participate in the Stakeholder Meeting?

We invite researchers, companies and facilities in the field of biodata analysis to share their experiences and views on how we can work together for better science and innovation in the field.

Agenda Stakeholder Meeting

The agenda is under preparation. The following speakers have confirmed their participation:

The agenda will include presentations by speakeres from the companies below, followed by an open discussion among all participants:

  • Novo Nordisk
  • Molecular Devices
  • Cerebriu
  • Danish Life Science Cluster
  • Cellari

The meeting is organised by the Alexandra Institute in collaboration with Danish BioImaging Network (DBI) and Center for Quantification of Imaging Data from MAX IV (QIM)



Key takeaways

Expected outcomes are:

  • Knowledge exchange
  • Identifying high-level interests and needs
  • Networking


Your contacts regarding the
Stakeholder Meeting

John Sporring

Professor, PhD
Department of Computer Science
University of Copenhagen
+45 24 25 23 34

Emily Holm Jacobsen

Alexandra Institute
+45 60 52 39 89

Sif Bernstorff Lehmann

Alexandra Institute
+45 60 18 58 69

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