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VELUX Internal workshop

Digitalisation: Purpose, practice and leadership

At this VELUX internal digital awareness workshop, you will be introduced to some of the key concepts of digitalisation.

In VELUX Group, we have embarked on a digitalisation journey within our production facilities. Months back we started to collect data throughout the production line end-to-end. Data that will help us become even better at what we do and deliver.

To succeed, everyone must benefit from this journey – both our customers, the surrounding community, and our employees.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to an internal webinar about digitalisation. What does it cover, and what does it mean in practice in everyday work life? What opportunities follow with digitalisation, and how do you best get started?

Digitalisation is not just another technology project; to succeed it involves the entire organisation and is largely a cultural journey, focused on purpose, practice, and leadership.

Key takeaways

In the webinar you will:

  • Get a straightforward introduction to digitalisation:
    What is it?
    Where are the opportunities?
    What are the pitfalls, and how do you avoid them?
  • Get an update on the digitalisation journey in VELUX
  • Learn how others have succeeded with digitalisation

Workshop agenda

Anders Høeg Nissen, moderator

Q&A about the digital transformation journey in VELUX
Peter Vestergaard, Director, Digital Transformation, VELUX

Digitalisation 101: An introduction to key concepts, potentials, and mindset
The Alexandra Institute

How to succeed with digital transformation
Guest speaker

Experience so far! Live interview about digitalisation in practice in VELUX
To be announced

What’s next?
Peter Vestergaard, Director, Digital Transformation, VELUX

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