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We develop innovative IT-based products and services in collaboration with private and public organisations and knowledge institutions, such as universities, technical colleges and members of GTS – Advanced Technology Group.

We adapt the collaboration process for your needs and help you develop solutions that solve specific challenges in your organisation. We bring our expertise to your organisation through commercial services, knowledge dissemination and applied research, development and innovation projects. 



We provide commercial services within all our areas of expertise in the form of:

  • Consultancy services – strategic advice on cutting-edge technologies and innovation
  • Innovation – user-driven innovation and effectiveness evaluation
  • IT and software development – in all our areas of expertise
  • Quality assurance – test, performance evaluation and software review
  • Sub-consultancy – contracts with businesses
  • Projects – from problem scoping to solution
  • Competence development – courses, talks and innovation networks


You can get access to new knowledge about IT through a number of activities – for example an innovation check-up or free participation in one of our innovation networks.

Innovation networks are an efficient tool for cultivating and strengthening new academic fields and areas for innovation. A network is a flexible framework for knowledge sharing, collaboration and project development. In the network, members and other persons interested in a specific subject work together in multi-disciplinary teams across businesses, public organisations and knowledge institutions.

Furthermore, we are present at a wide range of events, conferences and workshops all over the country. We also host events ourselves where we present opportunities and solutions based on the latest IT research and technology.



Another way of collaborating with us is to join an applied research, development and innovation project to gain access to cutting-edge knowledge from the IT research environments.

Our activities in the area of applied research, development and innovation respond to issues of societal relevance, primarily raised by businesses and organisations.

Translating research into application usually involves some development activity – therefore development is one of our core activities. In addition, the development of new products and services based on the latest research and technology calls for new business models – therefore innovation is another of our core activities.

We participate in a wide range of applied research, development and innovation projects and have developed specific models for collaboration between academia and industry. These models have proven to be efficient and valuable for achieving both commercially relevant results and research results.

To ensure the best possible result, we always involve three parties in our projects: Researchers, businesses and users. Researchers ensure that the latest research findings are adopted by the project. Businesses ensure the commercial relevance of the project. User participation ensures usability.

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