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How digitization can create better products and supplies in the built environment



How digitization can create better products and supplies in the built environment

International keynotes in Copenhagen

How can digitalization strengthen your business? And how do we ensure that digitization is used to create better results and opportunities in the built environment?

On May 17, BLOXHUB and the Alexandra Institute invite leading international keynotes to Copenhagen to focus on digital technologies that can radically change the built environment in the future.


13.30-13.45    Welcome by Torben Klitgaard, Hub Director, BLOXHUB
13.45-14.45 Keynote speakers

Technological trends by Kaj Grønbæk

Kaj Grønbæk is Head of the Interactive Spaces Lab at the Alexandra Institute and Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University. For many years, he has researched in Human-Computer-Interaction and interactive physical spaces and he has extensive knowledge and expertise of the latest research in the field. In his presentation, Kaj will give an overview of the latest technological trends with relevance for the built environment in the future.


From digital format to spatial experiences by Arne Michel

Arne Michel works as an Art Director at ART+COM Studios, which is a german based company founded in 1988. ART+COM Studios designs and develops new media installations and spaces. They use new technology as an artistic medium of expression and as a medium for the interactive communication of complex information. In the process, they are improving the technologies constantly and exploring their potential for spatial communication and art. At the event, Arne will talk about different projects where technology has formed and strengthened the end product.


The digital as catalyzer in the urban space by Jarmo Eskelinen

Originally trained as an architect, Jarmo is an expert in smart cities. He is the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer and Future Cities Catapult whose goal is to help accelerate urban ideas to market and make cities better. At the event, Jarmo will talk about how digitization can contribute to create new business ideas across businesses, universities and urban space actors.




Presentation of mapping - how is the built environment affected by digitization today?

15.30-16.20 Workshop

In this workshop you will be able, as a company, together with some of Alexandra Institute's specialists to dive into the various technological trends that are relevant to the built environment in the future. *

16.20-16.30 Thanks for today!


* When signing up for the event, please select in the comments box what trend you think will enhance your business potential:

  • Augmented Reality - New ways of displaying and interacting with data in the physical space
  • Big Data Analytics – Analysis of digital data about buildings, cities and behaviors supplemented with qualitative (Thick) data
  • Internet of Things (IOT) - When sensors and products in physical spaces collect data and communicate with each other
  • Smart Buildings and Cities - When IOT and Big Data are combined to predict, control and customize buildings or cities for situations and activities
  • Digital Service Design and User Experiences - How digital technologies can contribute to create value for users of buildings and cities through comprehensible and useful interaction
  • Privacy and IT Security - How to provide security in the use of technology in buildings and cities, There is a delicate balance between good service and surveillance and bad decisions can spoil an otherwise good business idea.


The event is part of BLOXHUB and the Alexandra Institute's collaboration on the project: Digital Futures for the Built Environment. Among other things the project consists of a state-of-the-union mapping of the digital state of the built environment.

Read more about the project here

17 May from 13:30 to 16:30 May, date to be confirmed
Fæstningens Materialgård, Frederiksholms Kanal 30, DK-1220 København K

BLOXHUB and the Alexandra Institute

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