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Computer graphics, simulation and vision


Computer graphics, simulation and vision
We help our business partners with spectacular integrations of IT in physical surroundings using the latest technology and at a high aesthetic level, just as we offer advanced computer graphics solutions. Just as in real life - just digitally.

Advanced computer graphics offer completely new opportunities

Visualisation and image analysis have a wide range of uses in e.g. education, engineering, medicine, culture, communication, experiences and computer games.

Our software understanding in computer graphics is based on the latest IT research, so our software solutions are ahead of the market. We are not limited by existing framework tools but develop our own, resulting in more innovative products and value to our customers.

Our services in the field of visualisation and simulation:

Computer vision
3D reconstruction
Image analysis

Automatic recognition of patterns in images has uses in a wide range of areas such as quality control of products, including food. It is also of great use in medical diagnosis. Image analysis is also a key technology when using advanced interaction based on camera tracking, recognition of special objects, tags, OCR etc.

Real time rendering
Shader programming

We offer expert assistance to most commercial platforms for computer graphics, including CUDA, OpenCL and GPGPU. This also includes optimisation of OpenGL, DirectX and Unity3D software.

Generative computer graphics
Path tracing
Simulation of light

Our competences include state-of-the-art techniques in computer graphics and visualisation, e.g. volume rendering, software for interactive photorealistic 3D markerless tracking, physical simulation of fluids, physical simulation of soft bodies, visualisation of large data sets, molecular visualisation and volume visualisation.

We specialise in software for photorealistic visualisation for both interactive use - and in situations where there is more time to make an even more accurate representation of the real visual phenomena.

Physical simulation
Rigid bodies
Soft bodies
Computational fluid dynamics

We have developed a number of solutions within medical simulation intended for visualisation and training of surgeons. This includes ear surgery, heart surgery and an atlas of the body. In particular, our ear simulator is used by surgeons worldwide.

We offer assistance in all steps of the process from processing the raw image data through segmentation and generation of 3D geometry for visualisation and possible simulation of the interaction of different tissue types. In all parts of this process, we can further assist in reducing computation times through our extensive experience with GPU acceleration. We work with medical 3D data sets - both data from different MRI and CT modalities and images from cryo section.

If you need advice on any aspect of computer graphics and visualisation, please contact us.

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