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User-driven innovation


User-driven innovation
We incorporate knowledge about user studies, innovation processes and technology in the development of new solutions. It gives our customers the opportunity to create the right design compared to usability, context and technology.

Understanding your customers and supporting their needs

The development of IT-based systems includes many examples of user and functional properties not supporting the end users. The consequence may be heavy and inefficient systems or reinvestment in adjustments and amendments that can be costly and delay completion. By involving end users a large part of these problems can be prevented. We can help you with this - and the benefits are clearly visible in the bottom line.

The Alexandra Institute has the most extensive experience in creating new innovative solutions through user-driven innovation in Denmark. For you, this means that there is a significantly greater chance of the system being user-friendly and with the right features, as well as giving users co-ownership of the system. In many cases, the development costs are reduced.

We offer Danish businesses access to the methods that are a prerequisite for applying the conscious – and unconscious – behaviour and knowledge of the users in the innovation process. Our specialists consist of ethnographers with insight into human behaviour and industrial designers and software experts who possess knowledge of the latest trends in technology.

We chose to involve experienced research and innovation specialists from the Alexandra Institute to facilitate primarily alignment and secondarily development of the new Prehospital patient record. We chose the Alexandra Institute specifically to ensure that the needs of users, processes and workflows are identified in a well-proven methodical way and that it will subsequently be reflected in the final system.

Thomas Larsen, Sales Director, CSC Scandihealth

The Alexandra Institute gave us important knowledge of end-user behaviour. We came to the Alexandra Institute with a commercial idea, and the knowledge the Alexandra Institute provided us with, could be used in our product design and marketing. With us being a technology company, they brought us much closer to the thoughts, needs and behaviour of the users.

Dorthe Gårdbo-Pedersen, Relationship Manager - Marketing & Communications, Develco Products A/S

Our services in the field of user-driven innovation:

New product areas

We help you to identify new product areas that create revenue and insight into customer behaviour and needs.

We provide concrete input to technology design and usability, which fits into the users' context with solutions that give the customers a sense of ownership. We always put together the services with you to suit your specific needs.

We offer to:

  • Facilitate idea generation processes
  • Describe a user-involved process in your offers
  • Perform user studies
  • Design and challenge existing technology
  • Facilitate an innovation process with users
  • Design mock-ups and prototypes
  • User test mock-ups and prototypes
  • Evaluate existing systems

User studies
User behaviour

There is increasing focus on incorporating knowledge about user behaviour and innovation when selecting projects and implementing or evaluating initiatives.

By making use of the Alexandra Institute's user studies and methods for user involvement, we can both identify context and create a process where managers, employees and citizens create new solutions and change processes to create results in the organisation.

Concept development

If you want to know what provides value to users, you need to know what they do, how they do it – and why they do it. And if you want to create new workable solutions, you also need to know the premises for changing or supporting user behaviour.

We offer concept development process with brainstorming and prototyping. We use early prototypes as mock-ups that typically have no IT functionality. Other times, we develop IT prototypes, where we gradually go from mock-ups to develop parts of the functionality to test it on users so that actual usage can be found early in the development phase.

Dialogue customer and supplier

Dialogue, involvement and confidence contribute to a positive and fruitful relationship between customer and supplier.

We have methodical strength to facilitate user-involving processes that unite and challenge diversity and complexity. We stimulate collaboration in the pursuit of common goals that IT systems should be designed to achieve.

Our methods improve the chance of developing a workable system with fewer configurations, even when it is to support great complexity. Such a system is more inexpensive to maintain. It reduces the risk of system failure and ultimately results in a better user experience and happier customers who take more ownership of the solution.

Do you want to ensure that the needs of users, processes and workflows are identified in a well-proven methodical way? Contact us for further details.

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