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Positioning and tracking


Positioning and tracking
Technologies for positioning and tracking of everything from equipment to animals and humans make it possible to use these technologies in a wide range of products.

Through our experience with the different technologies we can identify the processes that can be streamlined through the use of positioning, develop new business opportunities or further develop existing products.

We provide services in IT-based solutions that use positions, location and geographic context for navigation, planning, tagging, tracking, Location Based Services and GIS. This includes positioning in both indoors and outdoors as well as mixed environments.

These services cover the three technological features that enable pervasive positioning:

  • Positioning technology, e.g. GPS, WiFi, RFID, ultrasound, sensor fusion
  • Information infrastructure, e.g. middleware, web services, GIS, digital building models, map services and optimisation algorithms
  • Presentation techniques, e.g. maps/building designs, smartphone apps and intelligent signs

Our services in the field of positioning and tracking:

Concept development
State of the art

If your business has a good idea that requires positioning, then we can help find and test the right technology. We have access to the latest knowledge, and in a close dialogue with your business and users of the technology we can quickly make a prototype to clarify whether the proposed technology can support the idea. A prototype can also provide valuable experience compared to e.g. user interface, functionality, specific challenges and changed practice before the idea is realised.

The ability to communicate or register information relative to a user's current physical position in a building or another physical space using WiFi and mobile devices (smartphone or tablet). Relevant for many industries/domains:

  • Indoor navigation/Wayfinding
  • Communication in museums
  • Libraries
  • Shopping centres
  • Project management tools in the building industry
  • Facility Management

Positioning in buildings
Indoor positioning
Personal wayfinding

The Alexandra Institute’s "Positioning Platform" is a software platform that enables positioning solutions in buildings and in the border zone between the outdoor and indoor environments. The Alexandra Institute sells the platform as a fully functional cloud solution but we also develop customised positioning services that can be installed on the platform.

The platform is designed to help businesses and institutions give directions and know the current location of both people and things both inside the buildings and in the area around the buildings. Among the areas in which the Alexandra Institute’s Positioning Platform has been used are:

  • Personal wayfinding in complex environments
  • Optimisation of workflows in home care
  • Logistics in agriculture
  • Staff overview in accident and emergency departments

Location-based time recording
Automatic collection
Analysis tool

Knowledge of how much time employees spend on different tasks makes it much easier to optimise the internal processes in the business.

We offer an analysis tool that can be configured in the business by the customer/consultant so that the relevant data is automatically collected. The tool allows the business to get an overview of time spent and detailed knowledge of where employees differentiate themselves from each other and, for example, why one employee is faster with the same result than the other employees.

Service planning

PlanA is a product aimed at service planning and execution within home care. PlanA offers: Overview of tasks and current position/status of employees, including reminders to ensure that all agreements are complied with:

  • "Point and move" function on a touch-sensitive large screen makes it easy to move client visits between routes
  • Impact analysis of transportation time between visits by changes in the plan
  • Changes in the plan are immediately communicated to employees via their smartphone, just as the employees' messages are collected in the system to the planners
  • Registration and subsequent processing of work carried out

We have also developed a software platform, PerPos, that enables you to develop specific positioning solutions for a given application relatively quickly.

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