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Internet of Things


Internet of Things
An increasing number of devices are connected to the Internet. If your company works with production, infrastructure, energy, medicine and health, building and facility management, transport or smart products, the Internet of Things - IoT - will affect your business.

IoT refers to the development where more and more physical devices are connected to the Internet in order to collect data, which can be used for everything from preventive maintenance, delivery of services, managing devices, interaction between units etc.

Instead of having many physical variants of your product, you can control the different variants via the embedded software - which has the advantage of updating the software that we know from PCs, smartphones, and tablets. We offer expert advise on a wide range of IoT disciplines and technologies according to the different levels of the Internet of Things Global Standards Initiative.

Our services in the field of Internet of Things include:


Internet of Things is the inter-networking of physical devices. Connected devices allow you to observe the world (collect data) and remotely control things from anywhere via the Internet. IoT is augmented with sensors (sensing the world) and actuators (affecting the world) and closely related to the more general approach via cyber-physical systems.

  1. Device layer
    The device layer refers to the physical infrastructure in the form of sensors, cables and microcontrollers. Alexandra has experience in the development of smart products as well as development of special hardware for remote monitoring.
  2. Network layer
    The network layer refers to low level data communication, where we have experience with technologies like LORA, Sig Fox, Narrow bandwith, LTE and CEBUS.
  3. Service and application support
    This refers to platforms that connect physical devices on the internet in a cohesive system. We have developed our own platform, but we have also experience with platforms such as ASURE, Bluemix and most open source platforms.
  4. Applications
    IoT is normally a platform for actual applications that provide decision support, predictive maintenance, actuator control and software updates. IoT systems can generate large data sets, which can be a challenge in environments with limited bandwidth for data transfer. It is therefore essential to enable as many calculations per unit as possible and, in this way, transfer less data.
  5. Management of IoT systems
    Along with service and application support we need platforms to handle the management and provisioning of IoT devices.
  6. Security in IoT
    IoT brings new challenges in terms of IT security. We have extensive experience in developing secure solutions and verifying that existing solutions have achieved a satisfactory level of security.

More and more production companies tend to focus on the development of new smart products with embedded it and - in addition to IoT - disciplines such as interaction design, usability, and (physical) design are crucial – and we can provide advice in these areas as well.

Cyber-physical systems

Whereas IoT is defined as an infrastructure, the Cyber-physical systems (CPS) have become an umbrella term covering IoT, software and the people who integrate the Internet, devices and users. CPS include application areas such as smart grids, smart city, autonomous cars and drones, medical monitoring, process control, and robotic systems.

If you work with systems that involve digitized devices, people and systems, we can recommend Cyber-physical Systems for you.

We offer key competences in the following fields:

  • Drones
  • Medical and health
  • Process control, production and robots
  • Smart City
  • Smart grids and energy

IoT security

Digital products and services – the Internet of Things – give rise to new security challenges. Do you have an existing product, or are you in the process of developing a new product, which requires you to address the security issues? Contact us for professional feedback or an independent security review to assure your customers – and yourself -  that your product is secure.

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We offer expert advice on a wide range of IoT disciplines and technologies

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