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Interaction design


Interaction design
The time has passed when you were not allowed to step on the grass, nor touch the art, and the computer in your office was similar to IT. Nowadays, people have different and greater demands to the interior design and use of public spaces. We are experts at meeting these demands at the Alexandra Institute.

We combine physical design, interaction and software into new innovative IT concepts in interaction with physical surroundings and products

User-friendliness has become a clichéd concept, but the usability of an IT-based system depends on how easy it is to interact with the system. This is the case for user interfaces of traditional Windows/Mac systems that are based on interaction with windows, menus, mouse, etc., and also when it comes to new interaction forms based on pressure-sensitive monitors, found in smartphones, tablets and large display solutions including SmartBoards.

Our services include:

New interaction scenarios

The new interaction forms integrate sensors and actuator technologies, camera tracking and multi-touch displays that encourage different forms of motion-based interaction. The interaction often takes place in an interplay with the physical environment – also called augmented reality. There is an increasing tendency for IT to become embedded in our physical environment, as well as the development of physical installations with IT incorporated is increasing dramatically.

Interaction Design, UX and Usability

We develop user interfaces on traditional platforms such as Windows PCs and Mac computers, and on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, display solutions, etc. We have expertise and extensive experience with interaction design and usability in different settings. We also design physical devices with embedded IT. These can be furniture, textiles, exhibitions and different installations.

Interactive installations

It is crucial to us that the integration of IT into the environment takes place with the prospective users in mind – both when dealing with information, experiences, entertainment and exercises for the citizens. Therefore, experiments with software prototypes and spatial installations are key working methods for us as we develop the technology with active user involvement.

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