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Innovative evaluation

Ikon for ekspertisen forretningsudvikling og evaluering


Innovative evaluation
We carry out evaluations that inform your decision-making and help you realise the benefits associated with introducing new technology or new processes

Understand your users

Are you seeking to introduce new technology or a new process in your organisation? Before you start, it is important that you take a look at your users to get a deeper understanding of their practice. Our evaluation method takes both the human and the rational side into account, which is essential when implementing a change process. For what works in one organisation may not be useful in another even though the external factors are the same.

We help you set a goal for the change you are about to go through. We help you formulate the intended outcome of the change and not just a set of project activities to be achieved. We know for a fact that results are created by people and not by ‘activities’. People’s attitude towards the activities play an important role in their commitment and acceptance – and ultimately in the outcome of the change.

When conducting an evaluation, we explore all parameters, both human and rational. This enables us to establish why new interventions – for instance introducing and getting acquainted with a new IT solution – do not always work as intended. We involve users in the implementation process and identify their attitudes and underlying assumptions during the process. We provide you with qualitative knowledge about the interplay among users and technology to help you decide what to change in work processes or during the implementation process to achieve the desired impact of a given technology (benefits realisation).

Research-based evaluation concept

We use an approach that combines methods from change management and methods from Innovative Evaluation.

Innovative Evaluation is a research-based evaluation concept that addresses how results are achieved (or not) in practice in a given context. Using this method enables us to establish what needs to be modified during a change process to achieve the desired impact – for example when introducing new technology. Hence the evaluation method has a strong link to practice.

Innovative Evaluation has been developed by the Alexandra Institute and the consulting firm Ineva.

We also hold courses in Innovative Evaluation for practitioners and project managers.

Feel free to contact us if you want more information about:

  • Analysis and evaluation
    • We collect and analyse data in an iterative process in close dialogue with the stakeholders in the project. Each phase serves as an input to and qualifies the next phases in the process and ensures that the findings of the evaluation are fed back to practice. By bringing new knowledge into play, we can constantly test and qualify the insights we uncover throughout the project
    • We involve multiple stakeholders and practitioners to be able to verify the quality and applicability of the evaluation and to leverage the change process
    • The combination of change management and Innovative Evaluation differs from traditional evaluation methods because it engages users/participants in the process and allows them to explore and reflect upon their own practice. These new insights can then be fed back into the project, which will strengthen the change process and help your organisation achieve the intended goal (benefits realisation).  
  • Before-during-after evaluations
  • Using both program theory and qualitative interviews as empirical data
  • User involvement and explorative workshops
It is important to understand the users' practice when you introduce new technology in the organisation. We can help you through a successful change process.
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