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Artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence is a toolbox of technology that can recognise patterns, predict outcomes and thus automate processes. Unfortunately, Danish companies are reluctant to implement the technology. This may ultimately cost jobs because the technology is mature and is already transforming the world of work.

Artificial intelligence has currently achieved a maturity level that allows it to be used in practice. And there is an unprecedented hype today around the scope of artificial intelligence.

It can be difficult for a company to assess how to use artificial intelligence and how to retrieve the right advice. We can help you both with advice and solutions.

Our services in the field of artificial intelligence include:

Decision support

Artificial intelligence and big data have increased the use of software for decision support. Sensors, apps and IT systems generally collect data that form the basis for decision support. It can be clinical data which can assist doctors and health professionals in making decisions regarding treatment or guide them to take action.

The key issue is to train the algorithms instead of creating the rules in advance. The advantage is that you get the actual data results and not the ones you expect to find. What answer will the algorithm give us? Maybe it is sufficient just to know how it reaches the answer? Sometimes you may want to know how the machine came up with the answer, so you can find an explanation for the result.

What answer will the algorithm give us? Maybe it is enough to know the answer? In other situations it would be helpful to know how the machine reached the answer, so you can seek an explanation for the result.

Machine Learning

Machine learning, data mining and data analysis have been fundamentals in computer science for decades. However, these years data analysis is everywhere. Where it was not previously possible to make data analyses because the calculation cost was too high, we are now able to process data at much lower prices. This enables a much wider use of data analysis, which is better at detecting errors, optimising resources and offering the customers something extra.

We have specific expertises in areas such as:

•    Artificial Neural Networks
•    Probabilistic methods (Naive Bayes, Bayesian networks, Markov Random Fields, etc.)

Data mining

Data mining is the process of deriving patterns and relations from large data sets. Data mining can be used in a variety of areas such as finance, biology, monitoring of web traffic and internet traffic. In sales and marketing, data mining can for example be used to retrieve shopping patterns, create person-specific marketing, reconfigure the product range, detect errors and fraud.

Text mining

Text mining is a special kind of data mining in large amounts of text. Today, text mining is used in several application areas. This could for example be to retrieve (personally) sensitive information from (public) documents or to retrieve trade secrets from a company’s documents.

Classification of data

Classification of data is question of placing certain data in a number of categories. It could be to divide email into spam or not spam, assign diagnoses to patients, or to spot specific objects in photos from drones, aeroplanes or satellites.

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