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Data and software solutions


Data and software solutions
We offer cutting-edge software expertise and are experts in improving time-consuming calculations, including calculations on large datasets.

Big data is a buzzword but also a catalyst for growth. The data are out there and it is important to exploit them – big or small. The all-important issue is not to access or process the data but rather to ask the right questions.

We advise on where the data come from, how to collect, visualise, secure and analyse the data - and how to turn them into business value. The algorithms, data structures, software and methods that we work with can be used for both smartphones, desktop computers and large server solutions.

We offer unique expertise based on cutting-edge technologies and methods to analyse and improve existing software systems and develop new ones. We combine our skills in machine learning, IoT and classical software engineering and have specialists in software architecture, cloud computing, data mining, machine learning as well as mobile and web-based solutions.

Data-driven innovation

Do you want to innovate with big data? We offer expert advice based on your maturity level.

  • Do you have data but not insight?
    We offer a competence boost that prepares you for discussions with your board and management and creates the basis for implementation in your organisation.
  • You can manage your data!
    We take it further and try out three ideas for projects you believe in.
  • You have sensors on your equipment and need online access to data and algorithms!
    We bring expertise in IoT and machine learning into your organization.
  • You want to transform your systems to handle new service solutions and a new business model!
    Welcome to Industry 4.0.

Predictive maintenance

When part of a system needs to be changed, do you prefer to be informed about at an early stage, or when the damage is done? We are working on predictive maintenance and use machine learning to monitor the state of systems and components, and to predict the need for maintenance. Predictive maintenance has been adopted by many industries, such as oil platforms, vehicles and factory machines. Today's large amount of sensors help predict when something needs to be replaced. Are you already at this stage, or do you have or need sensors, please contact us. We tailor the mode of cooperation with the aim of solving your challenges in the best possible way. We offer our expertise through commercial services, general knowledge exchange and applied research, development and innovation projects.

Contact us if you want to expand your business with data-driven innovation.

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