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Business development and evaluation


Business development and evaluation
Even if your organisation is not in the IT industry, you can develop new business opportunities by integrating IT into your products or processes. And if digital solutions are already part of your business model, we can advise you on how to use IT as a driver for further business development.

IT innovation is a complex process that is grounded in an interplay among business development, users, customers and technical disciplines. A holistic innovation process includes a variety of phases from initial idea generation → user studies → concept development → prototyping → testing → development to evaluation and impact assessment.

We are experts in holistic innovation and provide services throughout the entire process or parts of it. Our target group is both small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies.

Our services in the field of business development and evaluation:

We help you develop new services – whether you are a service company or a manufacturing company that wants to develop services as part of your product offering.

Business Model Canvas
Business Model Canvas is a strategic tool for developing new or documenting existing business models. The model is a visual chart with elements describing a particular service or product, such as value proposition, customer segments, supply channels etc. It helps your company align the activities of relevance to your business model. Our primary focus area is business development in digitisation projects and how to reap the benefits of new technology.

Evaluation of innovation
Private and public organisations implement several initiatives to develop or improve their products, services and processes. This could for example be new research and/or innovation programmes in the energy sector. It could also be the introduction of new welfare technology to improve the quality and efficiency of public services. We perform evaluations of such initiatives and programmes and compare results to the original targets. We often use the method of Innovative Evaluation which, apart from the evaluation itself, offers recommendations for future initiatives.
Use our expertise to evaluate the impact of new technology!

Impact assessment
When evaluating different initiatives, it is crucial that you are able to document the impact of a given initiative. If you have developed a new product or improved an existing one, the impact will often be reflected on the bottom line. On the other hand, it is often very difficult to document the impact of research and innovation projects, energy-saving measures, implementation of new technology etc.
We make use of a number of methods and techniques to measure and document the potential impact of a given initiative.  

Innovate successfully!

We provide high-level business development services as a framework for successful innovation in your organisation.

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