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Business development and evaluation


Business development and evaluation
Even if your organisation is not in the IT industry, you can develop new business opportunities by integrating IT into your products or processes. And if digital solutions are already part of your business model, we can advise you on how to use IT as a driver for further business development.

IT as an enabler for business development

We have a holistic approach to the innovation process and help small and large organisations throughout the entire process or parts of it.

IT innovation is a complex process that integrates business development, users, customers and different technical disciplines. A holistic innovation process is divided into a number of interrelated phases:

idea generation → user studies → concept development → prototyping → testing → development → evaluation and impact assessment.

We have deep knowledge of developing, implementing and evaluating technology projects. Our evaluation is part of an iterative process where findings and lessons learned during the evaluation are incorporated into the project on an ongoing basis. Our focus is to:

  • identify and measure unexpected outcomes,
  • enable and support a change management process that may be necessary for realising the benefits,
  • document achieved results and impact.

Innovate successfully!

We provide high-level business development services as a framework for successful innovation in your organisation.

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