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Transformation with big data

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Transformation with big data
What does big data and data-driven business development mean to your organisation? And how can you capture the potential?

The big data journey

Data is a resource and should be part of your strategic agenda if you want to capture the business potential. We help organisations get started with big data based on our scientific knowledge about the interplay among people, technology and business. We use a systematic approach where we identify initiatives to be launched and develop a roadmap for your organisation.

We base our work on the model below, and you can start at any stage, depending on your business context.



Before making any major investments, it is important that you establish an understanding of your organisation’s big data maturity. Companies are at different stages when it comes to using and exploiting data, and it is important that you start at your current level of maturity. Otherwise you risk overinvesting or making the wrong investments. 

To help you get started, we use our big data maturity screening tool.


What methods and tools should you use? It is important to create a data-driven culture and to build trust and confidence in data among the employees. They must be certain that the data analyses provide reliable and accurate information and that there is a willingness to learn from data.

Planning and implementation

How do you proceed with the plan? We prepare a roadmap of initiatives and help you implement technical solutions and organisational changes. 

Read more about the five phases of a successful big data journey 

The big data journey

We help you develop a successful strategy for your digital transformation.
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