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Advanced mobile solutions


Advanced mobile solutions
Apps are often associated with entertaining mobile games or information search, but the technology in smartphones and tablets actually contains far more options than that, when it comes to mobile applications.

Do you want to know more about the business benefits of mobile solutions or how to acquire knowledge about the latest trends?

We are experts in developing mobile solutions and we can handle the entire process from concept development to design and implementation. We make sure that your solution is state-of-the-art – both with respect to interaction design and technical platforms. Our core competence is to design quirky, advanced, creative and customised solutions based on the latest research

If you want to use mobile solutions to leverage your business, communication or to improve customer experience, please contact us. We help you match your idea and your goals with the right technology and the best business model.

We can help consolidate your idea and define the appropriate technologies for you. Also, if you feel that you are short of knowledge about the available technological possibilities and their pros and cons. We can carry out the whole process from developing your concept, to interaction design, graphic design and implementation of your mobile solution.

Our services in the field of advanced mobile solutions include:

Concept development

Do you have an idea for a dissemination project that makes use of mobile technology and an idea of what you want but lack specific knowledge about the technologies? Are you unsure what technologically can be done or whether it's too complicated or too expensive? Our experts cover the entire range from concept development to design and interaction to implementation of the solution. It ensures that your concept is based on the latest technologies and knowledge - both in terms of interaction and technical platforms. We have many years of experience developing mobile concepts, and we make systematic concept development and design that takes into account your target audience and your own needs. The crucial thing for us is not what solution you end up getting, but that is the right solution for you and your target audience.

Design - UI and UX

Are you unsure how to design your mobile solution in terms of graphics and interaction? We help you develop the right design for different platforms and selected technologies and features, so you can easily go from Photoshop to development tools. If you want to maintain your visual identity or build a new design for a concrete concept, we can help with design guidelines. We have experience in designing mobile concepts and organizing this for interactive media. This ensures that your solution will have a logical structure and navigation as well as a nice and functional user interface with a useful flow.

Software development

We know everything about mobile devices and the underlying technology, as well as the infrastructure needed to communicate with the environment. If you have developed a concept for your mobile solution and made the design with us, we can also develop the software and implement the product. In the case where you have both concept and design, we can take care of the software development. We can act as your external development department and help you further. When the mobile apps have been implemented, they are distributed on Google Play and Apple App Store. The Alexandra Institute's project model takes care of all activities in the development stage. Furthermore, we have experience with code review and design of secure solutions, whether your mobile solution is app- or web-based.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a digital layer on top the real world. With augmented reality and interactive 3D graphics, you get brand new opportunities to develop your products, involve your users, and make branding. We can simulate reality on mobile platforms by making it digital. We are so precise that the human eye cannot discern a photograph and a computer-generated image. The advantage is that computer simulation offers opportunities to experiment with designs for the development of early prototypes or design presentations.

Take the fastest path to the right mobile solution for you and your customers!

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