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Interactive floor combines entertainment, education and physical activity

WizeFloor is an award-winning interactive floor especially targeted at children from 3 to 12 years of age with special needs. It promotes collective and differentiated learning styles through play and physical activity.

WizeFloor (formerly called Wisdom Well) was originally a research project with the aim of developing an interactive floor for a school in Aarhus. The intention was to make the floor a meeting place for students and teachers.

The Wisdom Well project worked with new ways of integrating IT and interactivity in education with focus on learning through physical activity. It served as a supplement to teaching, where students could learn to work in new and different ways and across classes. The project worked with "kinesthetic learning" where the body works as a learning tool. The Wisdom Well was a pilot project, which has now been commercialized as the product WizeFloor.

A projector in the ceiling projects different learning games and exercises onto the floor, and the children use their bodies as cursors. Several children can use the system simultaneously, and the games have been designed to encourage collaboration and discussion. It is easy for both adults and children to create new learning games and exercises using the supplied software.

The product is based on the nearly nine years of research and product development at Aarhus University and the Alexandra Institute. Throughout the process, Danish schools and institutions have contributed significantly to the development of the product. The product has received a Red Dot Design Award as "Best of the Best in Education" under the name Wisdom Well.

The research activities in connection with WizeFloor have contributed to a number of international research publications:

Grønbæk, K., Iversen, O.S., Kortbek, K.J., Nielsen, K.R., Aagaard, L.: iGameFloor - a Platform for Co-Located Collaborative Games. In proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment 2007, 13.-15. June, Salzburg, Austria, pp 64-71

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Iversen, O.S., Kortbek, K.J., Nielsen, K.R., and Aagaard, L.: Stepstone- An Interactive Floor Application for Hearing Impaired Children with a Cochlear Implant. In proc. of IDC07 6th International Conference on Interaction Design and Children June 6-8, 2007, Aalborg, Denmark

Vidensbrønden opnåede endvidere anerkendelse og udmærkelse på internationalt niveau, i forbindelse med projektets funktion og innovative design. Den vandt i 2007 en Red Dot Design Award – ”best of the best” i kategorien Education”.

The product has received a Red Dot Design Award as "Best of the Best in Education" under the name Wisdom Well.

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