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Update - Make your city smart


Update - Make your city smart

With Update we focus on tomorrow's smart cities

We offer the visitors a new way to see and understand the data generated in the urban space and show how technology can help to contribute to future urban development.

Update is the first major exhibition in Denmark of the Smart City technologies that are about to change the way our cities operate significantly.

The cities are moving online and learning to communicate with themselves and their citizens. The dustbin tells when it is full and sends for a waste collector. The streetlamp detects if a pedestrian or a car is passing and adjusts the light accordingly. In 10 years cars will communicate with each other and avoid collisions, queues and congestion.

Sounds cool, but is it also smart? It sounds like big brother, but will it also be a better city? We raise this discussion the Update. You can for example see the best Danish and international Smart City solutions, visit the future smart city as the Danish street artist MORMOR sees it, walk around in an interactive version of Vester Voldgade and meet Smart Citizens from all over the world.

The Alexandra Institute's Interactive Spaces Lab participates in Update as curators and designers. For the exhibition we develop an interactive city model that enables and supports discussions about new ways of developing future urban spaces.

The city model draws on data from the urban space, and connections are created across services, activities and physical points in new and engaging ways.


With the city model we try to visualise the city’s invisible digital space in a tactile and accessible way. It applies to a very wide group of visitors - from families to professional urban actors and politicians.

We will continuously try to collect and update the city model during the exhibition period to meet the demands and wishes we encounter. After the exhibition closes, the city model will be moved to another physical location where it will be further developed.

We develop innovative solutions that combine the physical and the digital.

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