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Interactive ballgame for fun and exercise at Club La Santa

By use of balls and a rebounder framework the system encourages and supports athletes in a fun and challenging way to improve their skills and reaction time

This technical innovation has been designed to entertain, motivate and support both professionals and recreational athletes in a fun and challenging way with the aim of improving their skills and reaction time.

THE|BOUNCER consists of a computer-controlled rebounder frame which is able to track the ball's location. The user logs into the game and plays against the computer-controlled system, and top scorer locations are be displayed on screens at Club La Santa, so the guests can watch the progress of each other.

The Alexandra Institute has contributed to this project with the development of the platform including web and nettracking. In addition, we also handled the physical installation of the system at Club La Santa.

THE|BOUNCER consists of a rebounder frame - a so-called M-Station Pro from Munin Sports, which has been expanded with a sensor system, a projector, a projection screen and computer-based interaction. The sensor system can measure with precision where the ball hits, and how hard it hits.

The combination between projections with digital fields to be hit, and the sensor-based tracking of where the ball hits the net, has been used for 6 fun training games with the purpose of training precision shots, responsiveness and visual attention to peripheral visual space in a fun and educational way.

Except from registration of the players’ names on a tablet device, THE|BOUNCER operates exclusively through ball interaction. Games are selected and played from menus can be evaluated by striking projected fields on the net with the ball. When the user logs into the game and plays, the user’s points are registered and displayed on both a tournament list and a high score list at THE|BOUNCER, which can also be accessed from a web page on any web browser.

The project is funded by the Danish fund Krogagerfonden and was initiated by Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University. Professor Kaj Grønbæk led the project while the tracking system was developed by the Alexandra Institute.

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