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Strategic service transformation in small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises

Join this fully-funded project to learn how to design and implement new service concepts.

The objective of the Servitize.DK project is to enhance the competitive position of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.

Servitize.DK offers a fully-funded innovation project on how to develop and implement a product-service concept in your specific organisational context.

Throughout the entire project, you will work closely with the project consultants on the challenges and opportunities of implementing a product-service business model in your organisation.

And one of our key goals is to develop sustainable concepts.


During the project, Servitize.DK will help companies design and develop product-service concepts that we will continuously challenge and test directly in the market.

You will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the concepts so that you can make changes before launch.

The purpose of servitization is to:

  • Enhance growth and earnings based on new business models
  • Stay ahead of the competition by focusing on the customer side of the supply chain
  • Increase your customers’ productivity and efficiency by offering them new services
  • Establish long-term supplier-customer relationships

During the three-year project period, Servitize.DK will invite 130 companies to work hands-on with their service concepts in collaboration with experts who will lead the sessions and guide you through the process.

Your company is eligible to participate if:

  • You are a manufacturing enterprise
  • You are a small or medium-sized enterprise (10 to 250 employees)
  • Service development is a strategic focus in your company
  • Management participates actively in the process
  • You give high priority to broad employee participation

Servitization is the process of transforming manufacturing companies from selling products to selling product-service systems. Servitize.DK focuses on transferring existing knowledge about servitization to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Examples of servitization concepts:

  • After-sale service contracts that include e.g. uptime guarantees, maintenance schedule, inspections.
  • Monitoring of equipment and machines onsite to optimise operations and prevent downtime.
  • Smart services such as autonomous smart products that perform repairs and/or make decisions on behalf of the client.
  • Digital monitoring of products in real-time using IoT, smartphones etc. to notify the customer and/or the manufacturer of issues, breakdowns or changes in performance.
  • Circular business models such as reuse or upcycling of waste products or take-back models where obsolete products are continuously replaced and reused.

Servitize.DK is a partnership between the Alexandra Institute and:

  • FORCE Technology
  • Copenhagen Business School, Department of Strategy and Innovation
  • Copenhagen Business School, Department of Operations Management
  • The Danish Technological Institute
  • Aarhus University, Department of Business Development and Technology

The project is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation.

Servitization is a challenging transformation process.

Servitize.DK has been launched to help your business!

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