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Service transformation in Djurs Wind Power


Service transformation in Djurs Wind Power

Service thinking leads to new business

What does it take for organisations to start a successful service transformation process? And how can consultants help them through the process? Our training programme has provided a business network with new knowledge about service transformation – and inspired consultants to offer specialised services to groups of companies.

We developed a customised training programme for companies in Djurs Wind Power – a network of businesses in the wind energy industry.

The programme served multiple purposes:

  • To give the companies in the network knowledge about service concepts and methods for starting a service transformation process
  • To make research-based knowledge available to the companies
  • To inspire management consultants and industrial development bodies to work with groups of companies as part of their consultancy services

The training programme was organised around four five-hour sessions on the following topics:

  • Service thinking, digitalisation and business development based on e.g. the Business Model Canvas
  • Servitization: from product to service
  • Data-driven services: what data can be used for what, and what tools do you need to translate data to business?
  • Action plan for the transformation process

Each session was held at an interval of 3 to 4 weeks and was a combination of presentations, dialogues and exercises. Between the sessions, the participants completed a number of tasks at home to apply their new knowledge about service transformation to their own context.

Working with groups of companies encourages learning
Our experience from the course shows that it brings a new perspective to the process to work with a group of companies who already know each other and are facing the same challenges – even though they are from different industries. They had different views on how to approach service transformation, and these insights are useful for management consultants and other industrial development advisers who are looking to develop new consultancy services.

Service from a ’helicopter view’
Sometimes it is rewarding to spend some time away from the daily grind – especially in manufacturing companies that tend to be focused on day-to-day operations. The participants pointed out that the academic level at the course was high, which motivated them to think in more strategic and abstract ways than usual. As a result, they got a clear picture of the service level of their own organisations and an idea about how to proceed to a higher level, which are important inputs to the strategy discussions at home.


New perspectives on service
It was an eye-opener to many of the companies that service is not simply an add-on to existing products. The overall customer experience must be regarded as an integral part of the core offering. The participants learned that service is the key to success and increased earnings – a way to develop the business and retain customers. Moreover, they learned that service transformation is also about strengthening customer relations and optimising internal processes. 

Building closer relationships with customers
When joining the course, the participants were – in general – aware of the importance of putting customers at the heart of their business strategy. As the course progressed, this became even more apparent to them. The course gave them the necessary skills to persuade management to spend resources on customer analyses. It also became evident to the participants that it is important to listen to the voice of the customers, which is often totally different from the company’s own perception of things.

We developed the training programme for companies in Djurs Wind Power – a network of businesses in the wind energy industry.

The programme was organised and held within the framework of Service Cluster Denmark

How do you prepare for the shift from product thinking to service thinking?

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