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Service Cluster Denmark (Service Platform)


Service Cluster Denmark (Service Platform)

Network collaboration on service innovation

The vision for Service Cluster Denmark was to contribute to growth, innovation and competitiveness in service-intensive organisations.

The Alexandra Institute provides expertise in setting up and operating innovation networks, for example by solving organisational, strategic and practical assignments relating to the start-up of the network.

Service Cluster Denmark (Service Platform) was established on a grant from the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The vision for the network was to contribute to growth, innovation and competitiveness in service-intensive organisations. The Alexandra Institute was in charge of the network secretariat in collaboration with the think tank DEA. 

Service Cluster Denmark terminated its activities as planned by the end of 2018.

Service Cluster Denmark was a national network for industry-research collaboration. The network activities gave companies access to the newest research findings in service innovation. 

The network strived to be a trustworthy partner, facilitator and knowledge broker in the area of service innovation in Denmark and throughout Europe.

Service Cluster Denmark offerede a wide range of activities to its members where business and academia shared knowledge and experience. 

Service Cluster Denmark was established in 2011 and had around 1100 members.

        Service Cluster Denmark was a member of the Danish cluster and network organisation Cluster Excellence Denmark and was awarded the Silver Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI).



Clusters and networks play an important role in encouraging prosperity and growth – both nationally and in regions and local communities. Companies participating in an innovation network benefit from fruitful partnerships that can lead to new business opportunities.

Members and others interested in a specific subject can participate in network activities targeted at both private and public organisations and knowledge institutions. Members include businesses and public institutions with a particular interest in the academic field of each network. 

Knowledge gathered in Service Cluster Denmark was disseminated to members at workshops, matchmaking events, an annual service conference and through corporate innovation programmes. 

The network activities were organised into four themes, called platforms, each of which provided knowledge about a specific topic relating to service innovation: 

Manual services – gathered knowledge and inspiration about how to use IT to support physical services and work processes. 

Service in digital retail – dealt with digital innovation and service trends in retail (physical shops and online), digital customer relations, integration of knowledge and sales platforms as well as internationalisation of online retail. 

Service in industry and trade – gathered knowledge and inspiration from companies and researchers about strategy development in service and after sales, hybrid business models, servitization, B2B customer insights as well as innovation in the service organisation. 

Knowledge service – dedicated to professionals in creative services, IT and management consultancy. The platform gathered knowledge about export of services, strategic partnerships in the field of knowledge service, access to new markets, IT-based service concepts as well as open business models.

Service Cluster Denmark was run by 15 core partners from universities, business academies, research and technology organisations, and knowledge environments. All partners have thorough knowledge and experience of service and service innovation and represent a broad range of professionals and researchers from all over the country. 

The network secretariat was headed by the think tank DEA and the Alexandra Institute. 

Service Cluster Denmark was funded by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. 

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