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Security and privacy tools

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IT security and privacy pose a major challenge to businesses and call for new processes, tools and expertise. Especially small and medium-sized enterprises are challenged because they have to comply with the same security requirements as big companies but lack the capacity to build in-house competence.

The purpose of the project Security and Privacy Tools is to develop knowledge and tools to enable Danish companies to run and strengthen their business despite these challenges.

The project is based on the Alexandra Institute’s strong expertise in IT security and DELTA’s and DBI’s expertise in hardware and user behaviour. 

Businesses are facing two major challenges:

Megatrends such as cloud, big data, internet-of-things (IoT) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD). As a result, security has to be built into the solutions from the start.

Stricter legislation, including the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As a result, the government proposes as part of an overall digitisation strategy that Danish companies undergo an IT security check.

The target group of our project Security and Privacy Tools is the majority of Danish companies – not least small and medium-sized enterprises across industries. This includes both user entities who want to choose the right solutions to meet customer and legislative requirements and providers who want to offer innovative IT solutions to their customers.

The main activities to be conducted in the project involve competence development in security and privacy, which includes for example:  

  • Analysis and mapping of cyber security standards around the world
  • Identification of product security challenges in various industries
  • Product screening (for example secure mail, secure file sharing)
  • Safe and cost efficient security analyses
  • User-friendly solutions that support safe user behaviour

We consider it essential to involve both private and public providers and users of IT security and privacy services to ensure that they have their say on the development of relevant services and solutions that meet specific needs not already available on the market. 

The project is based on the latest research findings in cryptography. Using cryptography in practice makes it possible to develop attractive IT solutions that are both secure and cost effective. In other words, it is possible to realise the full potential of digitisation and obtain better security with modern cryptographic techniques.  

The Alexandra Institute has strong expertise in cryptography that we develop, maintain and make available to the market.

Through our collaboration DELTA and DBI, who are experts in hardware and user behaviour, we take a holistic approach to IT security and privacy, including for example:

  • The technical solution and underlying hardware security assumptions
  • User behaviour
  • Implementation of the secure IT solution in the company


The knowledge generated in the project will be disseminated via lectures, network meetings and major events. Furthermore, the project will publish white papers and scientific papers.

A stakeholder group will be established to target user entities, providers as well as public and private organisations.

Interest organisations such as DI Digital, Rådet for Digital Sikkerhed (council for digital security), The Danish Consumer Council and FDIH (e-trade association) will be invited to participate. This group will have major influence on which product types to select for screening and which domains to focus on.

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