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Ree Park Safari

App adds interactive dimension to Ree Park Safari

The Alexandra Institute has designed and developed a mobile guide for Ree Park Safari that adds an extra dimension to signs and printed material.

The Alexandra Institute has designed and developed a mobile guide for Ree Park Safari. The app adds a digital, interactive dimension to the visit to the safari park on Djursland and complements signs and printed brochures.

It was essential for Ree Park that the mobile app should help visitors plan their visit to the park. Therefore, the app has an interactive calendar that shows the daily activities and animal feeding schedule in the park. Visitors can then select specific activities and put together their own programme. Visitors receive a notification 15 minutes before an activity begins in order to have enough time to walk to the venue.

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The app contains a map to help visitors navigate around the safari park. Visitors can see all activities and their own position in relation to activities and facilities in the park. The app also contains a brief description of continents and information about the location of restrooms, restaurants, picnic sites, barbecue and playground areas.

Last but not least, the app works as an alternative to Ree Park's website and provides information about opening hours during the entire season, so that visitors with a seasonal or annual pass can get a quick overview.

The development of the Ree Park Safari app has taken place in an iterative design process between Ree Park and the Alexandra Institute. The app is designed for both Android and iPhone.

The app is designed in accordance with Ree Park’s design guide. We have used a customised map of the area around the safari park which is stylistically in tune with maps and graphics of the printed material. With this solution, Ree Park Safari wants to give visitors the best possible overall experience.

We developed a digital guide for Ree Park Safari that adds an extra experience to the visit.
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