Is somebody watching when you store data in the cloud?

Universities and IT companies develop secure cloud solution for businesses based on state-of-the-art cryptography.

We are currently experiencing a major shift in terms of how businesses store and use confidential data. Instead of storing data locally within the organisation, data is stored in cloud-based services. But who is controlling the cloud, and how can you be sure that no unauthorised party has access to the files you have stored in the cloud? Today, there is no satisfactory way of securing business data in the cloud.

The objective of the EU-funded project PRACTICE is to develop a solution based on secure computing, which enables computation on encrypted data without prior decryption.

Read more about PRACTICE deliverables at the project website.

The role of the Alexandra Institute is to design the architecture and implement a platform for secure computing, including implementation of relevant third-party protocols.

The work includes but is not limited to:

  • development of new protocols for statistics, auctions and supply chain management
  • development of new or enhancement of existing methods for secure computation
  • design and implementation of SPEAR (Secure Platform for Enterprise Applications and Services)

The Alexandra Institute is also responsible for validating the result of this work in a real-life context.

The project builds on the latest breakthroughs within a number of secure computation techniques (secret sharing, semi-homomorphic encryption, fully homomorphic encryption, Garbled Circuits) and will use these to secure the privacy of European citizens in cloud solutions.

A secure solution in the cloud may contribute to increasing business use of cloud services and thus pave the way for both business and operational benefits.

The project aims to achieve these objectives:

  • To eliminate the need for users to trust their cloud providers for data confidentiality and integrity.
  • To enable computation on encrypted data, which will prevent even insiders from disclosing secrets.
  • To enable European customers to save costs by globally outsourcing to the cheapest providers while still maintaining guaranteed security and legal compliance.

The solution can be used by for example auction houses, the energy industry, the finance sector, or for business benchmarking.

We help auction houses, energy companies and the finance sector to safely store their customers' data in the cloud.

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