IT system offers a more dynamic planning process in home care

Previously, scheduling the routes could be quite a puzzle. But today we have a better overview and can optimise the route plans [...] We thus achieve significant savings.

Hans Torp, Dan Ren Service

The digital planning tool PlanA was developed following detailed preliminary studies of the home care sector's needs, e.g. via dialogues with the Danish Service Industries Federation and the Confederation of Danish Enterprise as well as user studies conducted at two private home care providers at opposite ends of the country. The analysis showed that especially lack of overview and coordination are among the biggest time-wasters for home care providers. PlanA provides a visual and intuitive overview of daily tasks, route plans and home care visits as well as a much more flexible administration and much less of it.



PlanA is constructed so that it addresses the exact challenges described in the preliminary studies. The system consists of a pressure-sensitive big screen - a smart board or equivalent PC solution that is connected with the mobile phones of the employees on the road. The system makes it easy to incorporate changes in home care visits and route plans and it also supports the planner's work on proposals and decision support in a manageable way. Just as the communication between the employees in the field and the office flows much easier with the integrated connection between the smartboard and the mobile phones.

PlanA helps getting an easier working day through better planning:

  • Intuitive overview
  • Coordination via app
  • Easy to make changes in the plan
  • Dynamic calculation of driving
  • Easy handling of regular appointments

PlanA works as a digital noteboard on the planner's screen that is tightly integrated with the employees' smartphones. The daily planning can take place in a manageable, efficient and secure manner. With the mouse, visits can be moved between different routes, while the impact on driving times and compliance of appointments is continuously calculated.

Changes are communicated automatically to a calendar on the home care worker’s smartphone on which the employee can accept new visits and share practical information about a citizen, both with the planner and across visits with other colleagues.

PlanA is a good example of the kind of user-driven innovation, we work with at the Alexandra Institute. We started by observing the daily working procedure and the meeting with clients and we quickly discovered that what stressed the home care workers and hindered the organisation's efficiency, was an inadequate planning of the work day. Both home care workers on the road and planners in the office lacked a good visual overview of the appointments, says Eva Bjerrum, who is one of the employees from the Alexandra Institute that took part in the development of the system.

Previously, the administrative staff had to delve into several different systems to retrieve different information when plans had to be changed or when irregularities occurred. What we have created is an intuitive user interface that gives employees the needed overview based on the specific job requirements that must be performed at the client’s location, says Tejs Scharling, who is responsible for the technical development of the prototype at the Alexandra Institute.

The system is in operation with several home care providers. Their experiences provide new knowledge that the system will be further developed to support:

  • How do they manage to keep an overview in a hectic work day?
  • Is it difficult to make changes in the daily programme when an employee is sick?
  • Are all appointments kept and no home care visits missed in the rush?
  • Do they spend a lot of time on the phone to coordinate with employees?
  • Could they save mileage by planning better?

PlanA is designed for the home care sector, but can facilitate and streamline the planning of all types of service jobs. The technology behind can be tailored to businesses or organisations with a large mobile workforce that needs a central planning system.

PlanA was developed in collaboration with private home care providers and has been tested by Schultz Care & Home Service and Dan Ren Service.

Does your organisation need a better overview and planning process and also easier coordination? Then contact us.

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