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PensionsSelskabet Pension & Health Care Services

Service design puts people first

Danish pension company participated in one of our masterclasses to acquire new knowledge about customer journey mapping and personas.

PensionsSelskabet Pension & Health Care Services participated in a masterclass that we organised in collaboration with UCN act2learn within the framework of Service Cluster Denmark. The focal point of the masterclass was the board game Add Value that puts focus on the business from a customer perspective and maps all touchpoints to the customer.

The masterclass provided valuable inputs to the pension company’s service development initiatives.

The financial sector is facing a digital transformation brought about by new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. The sector therefore needs knowledge about these technologies and their impact on organisation, customer interaction, business opportunities and market.

Gaining knowledge about the customer journey is a good place to start if you want to understand what technologies to deploy in order to deliver a seamless ‘digital customer journey’ in the long term.

A successful digital transformation depends on an interplay of three factors: people, technology and business.

Using the board game Add Value is an alternative and action-oriented way for both public and private organisations to focus attention on the customer experience: where to capture value, and where to save time and resources while the customers get the experience and service they expect – or perhaps even more.

At the masterclass, the participants learned about personas and gained insights into: the customers’ needs for service; mapping of the customers’ touchpoints with the company and what to prioritise; solutions to customer-specific challenges as well as proposals for initiatives to be taken on the customer service side.

The persona concept is described in more detail in our publication Servicetransformation – en guide til håndtering af servicetransformationsprocesser by Jørgen Rasmussen and Gunnar Kramp (IN DANISH ONLY). Contact one of the authors for a free copy of the publication.

Same company – different approaches to customers
PensionsSelskabet Pension & Health Care Services is a so-called tied agent to Skandia. The company has specialised in selling Skandia’s pension and insurance products to companies and advise people on pension schemes. The company has no influence on Skandia’s products but can shape the customer journey of its own customers.

The employees are based in different locations in the company and have different roles – some provide advice to customers, some work in sales and others in back office. As a result, they have different approaches to the customers and communicate with different levels of their customer’s organisation even though they work for the same company. People in sales usually communicate with heads of finance, HR or other decision-makers. The consultant’s customer is the common employee while back office clerks generally communicate with an accountant or an administrator.

Game opens the dialogue
Back Office Manager Lasse Pedersen is responsible for developing the service concepts of PensionsSelskabet Pension & Health Care Services. He says the Add Value game kickstarted a dialogue between him and his colleagues about how to create customer value.

It also inspired them to come up with new ideas for how to improve the customer journey and the first meeting with the customer.

Not all employees participated in the masterclass, which might have been an advantage, says Lasse Pedersen. “This would ensure greater commitment to some of the ideas.” 

Service Cluster Denmark (innovation network)

UCN act2learn (develops and sells Add Value)

PensionsSelskabet Pension & Health Care Services

Develop new products and services based on customer journey insights.

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