Nabto got through to their IoT devices

We helped the Danish start-up company Nabto in developing a software platform for their IoT system.

When the Danish start-up company Nabto had to make the first version of a platform for the iPhone and iPad, they contacted the Alexandra Institute. We helped them develop a software platform for their IoT system. Their technology is basically a computer that makes it possible to securely remotely control various devices over the internet. The company cooperates with various chip manufacturers and thus their products end up with different end-user clients. 90 percent of their licenses are purchased for video surveillance and alarm systems.

Nabto’s technology works like Skype, however data are transported and read via smartphones, tablets, PCs, business intelligence and other systems with business logic. The platform provides direct real-time connectivity with no dynamic IP hassle and it can control all sorts of devices. With the device-id, you can seamlessly connect to the device.

The challenge for Nabto was that it is not always possible to get access to the devices in a traditional way, as they have no screen or are blocked by the firewall.

The technology allows all devices to be assigned a unique address, and via this address you can establish a connection and read the data or send commands to the device. End users can connect to the devices via common browsers or apps, but data can also be read from other software that automatically collects data, such as business intelligence or big data systems, which can inform companies about their customers’ behavioural patterns via statistical processing of data.

The task required the Alexandra Institute’s network expertise. This means that appliance manufacturers who choose to use Nabto’s software will be able to use plug-and-play. You can plug it in anywhere regardless of firewall restrictions.

Nabto has patented a web server that takes up less than 1 kb, and the technology has now found its way into various areas such as alarm systems, thermal management and solar power plants. Common to all projects is that they benefit from the fact that it is not necessary to incorporate the control panel into the device, it simply needs a network connection, which makes remote control possible anywhere.

The development of the technology began in 2005 when the founder Carsten Rhod Gregersen discovered a need for a secure, direct connection to a device that was mounted behind a firewall. The idea was presented to the former CTO at Kirk Telecom, who joined the company along with Capnova and Ritzau.

We helped Nabto with a software platform
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