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Identity on the Internet in a global perspective


Identity on the Internet in a global perspective

We guide companies through the technical and legal aspects of digital identity services

The project identifies the challenges and develops prototypes in collaboration with providers of digital identity services.

In the project Identity on the Internet in a Global Perspective, the Alexandra Institute helps small and medium-sized companies to overcome the challenges relating to identity and login services on the Internet.

Today, we have many different identity and login services, both national, such as and NemID, and international, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The project serves a dual purpose: to identify the challenges that companies are facing, and to develop prototypes in collaboration with companies that develop or use identity and login services.

The objective is to ensure that companies provide the best solutions to their customers, while at the same time ensuring compliance with both national and international personal data legislation.

The projects targets both public and private providers of identity services but also – and to a wider extent – companies and their advisors that provide online services (e-shops, media, cloud services, etc.) and who need some sort of identification of their users. This includes by and large all companies that provide online services.

More specifically, our role is:

  • to disseminate knowledge to companies about the new requirements and how to meet them. How to ensure that legal aspects go hand in hand with the best possible technical solution,
  • to create an overview, after which we can advise companies about the dos and don’ts when developing products and services that use sensitive information,
  • to deliver a number of software libraries that make it easier for companies to handle the requirements.

As part of the project, the Alexandra Institute will set up a network for companies working with secure digital identity. We therefore encourage all companies interested in joining the network to contact us.

The project applies the latest research results in e.g. cryptographic algorithms.

The project develops software components that will make it easy for Danish companies to use technologies and protocols such as OpenID and OAuth, etc., which are standardised services that can ‘glue’ different identity services together. We will also take a look at how solutions for commercial identity services such as Facebook or NemID can be used.

Furthermore, the Alexandra Institute develops prototypes and pilot projects as showcases for how the technological solutions can be applied to ensure compliance with legal and business requirements.

Knowledge dissemination takes place through talks, network meetings and major events in the project as well as through courses at educational institutions. The project will also publish whitepapers, scientific papers and technical articles.

From a business perspective, companies are facing two major challenges:

  • Internationalisation of the digital market
  • Increased focus on consumer protection – not least as a result of the comprehensive reform of the EU’s data protection laws.

The objective is to make it easier for companies to manage IDs and to ensure compliance with data protection rules. This will also make life easier for their customers who will no longer need new login information every time they access a digital service. 

Take good care of your data!

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