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New tool makes evaluation of welfare technology easier

Through user-driven innovation processes the Alexandra Institute has helped the Municipality of Aarhus to develop EvalueHEALTH, which is the first evaluation tool that makes it easy to collect knowledge about how a technology is being used.

The concept was developed in collaboration with the rehabilitation centre, Vikærgården, a welfare technological exploratorium in Aarhus. They requested a tool to facilitate a way of obtaining an overall view of the availability of welfare technology.

Evaluations are often seen as an extra task for those who need to carry them out. At the same time, they are often sender-oriented. At Vikærgården the idea is that the evaluation of welfare technologies must take place in close dialogue with the citizens and form a natural part of day-to-day operations.

The essence of the tool is to collect data and to convey the silent knowledge of the citizens and staff and load into a database without spending a lot of time. For both parties this contributes to greater understanding of the use of assistive technology.

The evaluation concept is based on a dialogue between the citizen and healthcare staff. This means that the citizen's evaluation of the equipment is compared to the staff’s assessment of the citizen’s satisfaction, and subsequently the citizen and healthcare staff must reach an agreement. Through dialogue both parties will learn more about the citizen’s use of assistive technologies.

EvalueHEALTH is paperless and is operated from a tablet. The advantage of this is that data are saved immediately. You do not have to fill in a paper form and then type it into a computer. This is done directly. In this way, the evaluation is not an isolated incident. You build up a culture of evaluation here and now, which means that it is based on current knowledge.

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