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Evaluation of the Sun Safety Campaign


Evaluation of the Sun Safety Campaign

Do online health promotion campaigns work?

We have evaluated the impact of the 'Sun Safety Campaign' on behalf of the Danish Cancer Society and Trygfonden. 

The Alexandra Institute has evaluated the Danish Cancer Society's sun safety campaign 'Reduce Your Sun between 12 and 3 pm'. The evaluation was based on the Realistic Evaluation method.

The evaluation assessed the potential and feasibility of using facebook and MySpace as channels for promoting health messages to change young people’s sunbed usage.

One of the project deliverables was a presentation of the hypotheses behind the evaluation (the programme theory). The study of the hypotheses was based on both qualitative and quantitative data.

The project also included an integration of Realistic Evaluation and Intervention Mapping, the latter being a method for planning and implementing health promotion campaigns.

This concept for evaluating online campaigns and interventions can be generalised to other online campaigns targeted at young people or other groups. 

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The project has published these papers:

  1. Health promotion on Social Network sites (scientific paper).
  2. A ‘cool' thing to support – evaluation of the SunSmart Campaign on facebook and MySpace, a handbook from the Danish Cancer Society
  3. Realistic Evaluation and Intervention Mapping (scientific paper)

The evaluation of the sun safety campaign is a collaboration between TrygFonden and the Danish Cancer Society.

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