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Evaluation of Memo Active technology


Evaluation of Memo Active technology

Can technology help people with autism?

We have evaluated the impact of a digital day planner developed for people with autism.

The Alexandra Institute has performed an evaluation of the project ‘Digital day planner for people with autism’. The project was funded by the former ABT-fonden and was managed by the health and care administration of the City of Copenhagen.

The goal of the foundation is to spur the development of labour-saving technology. Hence, projects must be able to demonstrate the labour-saving impact of their solutions to receive funding.

Our evaluation was based on the assumption that a national implementation of the digital day planner MEMO Active can save 562.5 man years – and still support the quality of life of people with autism. 

The purpose of our evaluation was to document the labour-saving potential (impact) of the digital MEMO Active technology that helps people with autism structure their day.

The results of the evaluation formed the basis for an overall evaluation of the labour-saving impact of implementing MEMO Active on a national scale.


The potential of MEMO Active was evaluated on the basis of traditional before-and-after assessments of the amount of time saved by using the technology. The evaluation also included a number of qualitative parameters: Does the use of MEMO Active improve the working environment of the care staff, and in what way does the technology affect the quality of life of those with autism who live in homes where the technology is used.

Flowcharts prepared at the beginning and end of the project illustrate the pedagogical process of day planning. The charts are directly comparable and will also include new processes – for instance sending text messages to the residents.

This material – together with an evaluation based on selected parameters and success criteria – were used to prepare the final evaluation of the labour-saving potential of the 'Digital day planner' project.

The final evaluation can be used to evaluate specific new work processes and their potential for the care staff.

Furthermore, the evaluation can clarify who may benefit the most from MEMO Active technology and who may not.

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The project was funded by the former ABT-fonden.

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