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ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now


ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now

Artists substituted their palette with the computer

The international digital art exhibition ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now in many ways broke the boundaries of art as we traditionally know it. Because at the exhibition, the audience helped create it.

The exhibition ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now was part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, which was marked at ARoS throughout 2009. While the museum's anniversary exhibition “Aarhus Kunstmuseum anno 1859” in the West Gallery pointed back in time, then ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now planted a milestone for art's capacity anno 2009, when digital art and man united.

Many of the 13 works in the exhibition were interactive and common to these works was that they had the playful man - homo ludens - as their guiding principle. The works of art thus involved each guest: sensual, appealing, playful and insistent ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now reflected on technology's influence on the modern human in all its facets, and showed what art today also can.

The visitors at ARoS could meet the LEGO robot Moodles that with its human features raised the question of whether there is a difference between having feelings and pretending. The robot, developed by Jakob Fredslund from the Alexandra Institute in collaboration with Lego Lab at the Computer Science Department, Aarhus University, struck with its interactive technology and its touching presence the tone of the exhibition: the human united with technology.

Digital art is no longer a niche in the art world. Rather, it is strongly emerging in the major museums around the world - thus also at ARoS that with ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now displayed the first major exhibition of its kind in Denmark. For the exhibition had managed to acquire major works of the most fast-growing digital artists from Europe, Russia, USA, Canada, Central America and Australia.

For all the contributing artists in ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now, the computer was, so to speak, their brush and palette. This resulted in such diverse works as robotic art, sound installations, interactive works, net art and even portrait art based on computer game designs. All works had in common that they challenged the general scope of the work of art and created entirely new experiences, often based on the interaction between man and art.

For ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now was not just about art. The exhibition thematised in as much the relationship between man and technology and focused on the sensuality that arises in this relationship.

ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now was created in collaboration with ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, the Alexandra Institute and our former network TEKNE - Network for digital art and digital experiences. Anne Sophie Witzke and Anne Sophie Løssing were external curators.

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