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User-centred technology development of interactive flood risk tool

We conduct user studies for the Danish tech company SCALGO who has developed an interactive decision-support tool for local governments and water companies.

The Danish tech company SCALGO has developed an interactive flood risk platform (SCALGO Live) in collaboration with the Alexandra Institute and a number of partners.

As part of SCALGO’s ongoing efforts to optimise the platform, the Alexandra Institute conducts user studies to gather input and feedback for the technical development process. We analyse how municipalities and water companies deal with water management today, and how the platform can support decision-making in relation to climate adaptation, urban planning, emergency management and water management.

As opposed to existing platforms that use statistical data, SCALGO Live enables users to update and interact with live data. Thus, the platform has a huge business potential and social impact.

The Alexandra Institute's contribution to the development of SCALGO Live includes:

  • Completion of qualitative market survey at the beginning of the project (in collaboration with SCALGO).
  • Completion of field studies in municipalities and water companies participating in the project. We use qualitative interviews and observations to gather user input for the technical development process.
  • Facilitation of workshops.

Our partners in this project are:

The Danish Geodata Agency has an observer role in the project team.

The project is funded by Realdania, among others.

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