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Discover Aarhus


Discover Aarhus

Take a walk in Aarhus with our new tour app

This app was created in collaboration with local museums and tourist agencies and makes it easier to find your way round in the many cultural and natural attractions in Aarhus.

In collaboration with the Alexandra Institute, the Municipality of Aarhus has developed a new app that makes it easier for tourists, newcomers, institutions and other interested parties to find out about what Aarhus has to offer in terms of culture and nature. People are guided around the city using their smartphones so they can avoid getting lost or missing something on their way.

During 2017, where Aarhus has been designated European Capital of Culture, the content of Discover Aarhus (in Danish: Opdag Aarhus) will be expanded continuously. The app has been designed so it can add content, even after the developers from Alexandra Institute handed it over to the municipality.

Currently, Discover Aarhus contains 12 routes with associated attractions. The app is intended for schools, associations, institutions and the like, but anyone with an interest in Aarhus can use it. The service is based on Google Maps and can show your position exactly together with cultural and natural experiences nearby, and also parking and toilets.

With Discover Aarhus on your mobile device, you will get a number of suggestions for trips with marked routes on Google Maps. For each route, a selection of interesting natural or cultural historical sites have been selected, and you will be informed of the site through text and image, supplemented with a small audio or video clip. If you have you turned on your location service, a little blue marker will tell you, where on the route you are and how close you are to the next narrative.

The suggestions for trips have been prepared by the Municipality - Technical and Environmental Services in collaboration with Taste of Aarhus, Natural History Museum, Moesgaard Museum, City Archives in Aarhus and Visit Aarhus.

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