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The first power centre for artificial intelligence in Denmark

Are you considering how to integrate artificial intelligence in your products? Join the Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence.

How can you add artificial intelligence capabilities to your existing products and services?

The Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence gives you easy access to cutting-head expertise in machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data.

Do you wish to start working with advanced AI techniques but find it hard to engage people or find out who to cooperate with? This is the case for many companies, which makes it difficult for them to realise the full potential of the technology. Furthermore, companies may spend long time working on different AI and machine learning platforms.

We have the resources!

With our centre you can rent one or more workplaces and get a voucher for a basic advisory package about artificial intelligence at the Alexandra Institute. The centre will therefore accommodate a mixture of permanent residents and innovation communities.

The centre will give you access to a data platform that already operates, cutting-edge AI expertise, and a network of other companies working with the same techniques.

We bring innovation into your company. When you return, you will know more about your customers, your suppliers and the authorities you may collaborate with. You will understand how your company can use artificial intelligence to create real innovation and value.

Many companies are currently located in office communities with focus on domain. Only few of them have focus on method. The idea of the center is to provide companies that work with artificial intelligence with the opportunity to exchange experiences.

The primary target group are small and medium-sized companies that are on their way or already in the process of implementing artificial intelligence.

The aim of the centre is to:

  • Implement artificial intelligence methods into your business
  • Cooperate on the use of artificial intelligence
  • Exchange our experiences with artificial intelligence for free
  • Share the technical and human resources available at the centre  

Our aim is not to:

  • Compete about each other's customers, resources or staff
  • Proactively sell to each other
  • Work for a company acquisition

Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence is part of the Alexandra Institute and managed by Anders Kofod-Petersen, Professor and Deputy Director, and COO Flemming Adsersen, Alexandra Institute.

Easy access to groundbreaking technologies

The centre will focus on groundbreaking technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data. In addition to the Alexandra Institute’s services, you will get a basic package containing an AI helpdesk, IoT platform, a SHARK machine learning platform, and contributions to the to the centre’s common services. You may purchase additional services such as an AI roadmap, a personal data pack, fast-lane innovation and a mentor course.

By joining the centre you will get:

  • "One point of entry" to the world of artificial intelligence: small, medium-sized and large companies will get access to universities, authorities, technology partners, etc.
  • Location in an inspiring environment with access to drones, IoT and chat robots that can challenge your AI ideas
  • One step ahead of new knowledge and will be able to exploit results from the research community
  • Access to cutting-edge computer science expertise in Denmark from the Alexandra Institute and from our partners: The University of Copenhagen, The Technical University of Denmark, Aarhus University and the IT University of Copenhagen
  • Access to public authorities (Danish Agency for Digitisation, Danish Business Authority, Copenhagen Capacity and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • Connection to all artificial intelligence initiatives (e.g. DABAI, Innovation Fund Denmark, etc.)
  • Access to an AI helpdesk
  • Opportunity to participate in innovation communities

Build on the principles of the cooperative movement: Share data and learn more

Artificial intelligence is an experimental science: You use your customer data to build a model, but you test the model continously to see if there are alternative and better algorithms. It will be improved, the more it is being used and the larger the database it has.

Artificial intelligence requires that you have access to large datasets, which will be provided by the centre. Since Denmark consists of mainly small and medium-sized companies, you could fear that they will lose the race, as they do not have the same opportunities for developing new solutions. Lack of data does not pose the same problem for large organisations such as IBM, Google and Amazon.

  • Identify data sources

    We help to identify the data sources available. It can be data that are already being captured or options for using sensors to acquire new data. You may need to combine different data sources, to adapt different formats, and filter noise, etc.

  • Visualise data

    The next step may be different ways of visualising data. With large amounts of data, it can be difficult to find out what kind of information, patterns etc. can impact your business, and here visualisation may be helpful. Good visualisations often reveal new interesting patterns, which can be symptomatic of problems in a production process, previously unknown behaviors, etc.

  • Recognise patterns

    A next step may be to use machine learning for recognition of relevant patterns to predict future events.

  • Integrate with your own systems and business

    Finally, it may be necessary to develop actual solutions that are integrated with the company's other systems. Manufacturing companies may be able to transform from providing physical devices to provide services – also called servitisation.

  • Explore the need for further expertise

    With regard to solutions, it may be relevant or necessary to deal with security and privacy issues, ensure usability through user involvement and development of appropriate interaction forms, and not least development of business models for data usage. We can advise you on all these topics.

Rent an office space

The centre is located at Univate, which is part of the Symbion Community. It is a new and state-of-the-art coworking space located at Søndre Campus at the University of Copenhagen. The location provides easy access to both start-ups, established companies and public authorities.  Univate is a merger between Symbion, Denmark's largest and oldest startup community and office community, and the University of Copenhagen.

At the centre you will pay for the amount of rented square metres and not for the number of people in the office. The offices accomodate several people as well as few people.

Another option with the centre is that 3 or 4 companies with interest in traffic and law for example, join forces and collect their data and business cases in a large bucket. Then they will get access to the technical platform and can work intensively for six months to develop items that can optimise the individual company's product.

The centre facilitates cooperation in the innovation groups. The groups are formed to develop solutions and create results based on artificial intelligence according to the design thinking method. Each participant contributes with his own data to the group's test datapool. The group can retrieve publicly available data and purchase data from other data owners.

How to use the centre

Contact us if you want to rent office space and become part of the Danish Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence.

IT-City of Katrinebjerg

Åbogade 34

8200 Aarhus N
+45 70 27 70 12