The project Connect2Care focuses on the software infrastructure that is needed to support IT solutions for home monitoring. Through prototype development the project has conducted an experimental study of different system architectures - illuminated with use scenarios from UNIKs state-of-the-art projects in the UNIK partnership. UNIK is a partnership of companies, universities, hospitals, patients associations and interest groups, the aim of which is to provide innovative solutions for chronic patients by means of new technologies and user-driven innovation for the benefit of users, society and economic growth.

The project identifies and develops open technical standards with particular focus on ICT-based solutions in and around the home.

Today, telemedical projects in the social and healthcare field develop their own proprietary ad-hoc solutions to an infrastructure, because there are no open source solutions to eg. online access, identification and login, secure communication and automatic switching between networks and data formats, as well as integration with various electronic medical records.

The long-term goal of the work is an increasingly coherent national infrastructure based on a set of open technical standards and recommendations. On the basis of the project’s recommendations and standards the infrastructure will be developed. These solutions can be made available to the individual telemedical projects and thereby reduce complexity and development costs for each product significantly.

The primary target group of the project are companies that develop communicating systems and products for the home and for chronic patients. Based on the recommendations and standards developed in the project, we can create a basis for communication between the corporate sector’s ICT-based social and healthcare products and other ICT solutions in the home, in hospitals, in the municipal home care, general practitioners etc.

The project has delivered the following results:

- Establishment and evaluation of XDS backend based on Microsoft XDS.b open source implementation

- Cooperation with Net4Care on establishing v0.1 of infrastructure elements

- Research and purchase of Continua Health Alliance certified measuring instruments with a view to integration in the architecture prototype for Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

- Commenced tour to state-of-the-art projects with the aim of becoming up-to-date regarding their status and requirements to infrastructure and architecture

- International communication at the Med-e-Tel conference and e-Health week

Furthermore, we have conducted research, documentation and planning and held a series of meetings and workshops.

The project is funded by (among others):


RTI, RTI, Innovative samfundsløsninger



Total budget distributed on partners: DKK 14.000.000,00


Please contact Simon Bo Larsen for further information.

We have developed an open source reference implementation of the recommended architecture. The architecture is based on international standards from Continua Health Alliance, Health Level 7's Personal Health Monitoring Report (HL7/PHMR) and Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) - and the development process has taken place in dialogue with the National Health IT (NSI) and other national players. This makes the architecture of Connect2Care compatible with the strategy for telemedicine in Denmark, recently presented by the Ministry of Health along with the Danish standard for document and image sharing in the health sector.

This means that solutions based on Connect2Care will constitute an important step forward in comparison to the current telemedical projects that develop their own proprietary ad-hoc solutions for infrastructure. Furthermore, Connect2Care-based solutions have the great forward-looking benefit that they are prepared for a future, national infrastructure in the area.

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