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CIDI – Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry


CIDI – Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry

Strategic initiative to boost cybersecurity in Danish IoT products

Danish companies can strengthen their market position with new products and services based on IoT and industry 4.0 technologies. However, to reap these benefits, cybersecurity must be the number one priority. The aim of the CIDI partnership is to help Danish companies take a leading position in the market for secure smart products.

As part of a strategic cybersecurity initiative, the Danish Industry Foundation has launched the CIDI project – Cybersecure IoT in Danish Industry. The project is a partnership between the Alexandra Institute, FORCE Technology, DTU Compute and the IT University of Copenhagen.

The purpose of CIDI is to help Danish companies put IoT security on the strategic agenda to gain (and maintain) competitive advantage – both in Denmark and on the export markets. In other words: Denmark is known for providing quality products – and smart products should be no exception.

We invite 20 companies from different industries to participate in a series of development sessions where they will obtain:

  • Knowledge about the current security level in their smart products
  • Insight into the business potential of secure smart products
  • Knowledge about relevant standards and certifications for IoT security (e.g. the NIS directive)
  • New skills and competencies in how to develop secure smart products

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If you want to know more about how to participate in this project, please fill in this Expression of interest (in Danish only).

The Alexandra Institute is overall project manager and contributes expertise in IoT security and data encryption.

CIDI deliverables include:

  • Analysis of current practice in the case companies
  • Development of tool to identify the IoT maturity of the companies
  • Development and implementation of courses for 20 selected case companies
  • Gathering and organising knowledge on international IoT security standards
  • Knowledge dissemination activities to transfer knowledge to Danish industry as a whole. The activities include e.g. use case descriptions, talks at relevant tech conferences as well as masterclasses to be held in collaboration with the Danish innovation clusters, the Confederation of Danish Industry or the Danish Chamber of Commerce

CIDI has received DKK 12.4 million in funding from the Danish Industry Foundation.

Project partners: The Alexandra Institute, FORCE Technology, DTU Compute and the IT University of Copenhagen.

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