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Researchers and companies work together to design secure e-commerce solutions based on game theory, economic models and advanced cryptography.

In the CFEM project, economists and computer scientists work together to design new state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions.

New technologies that provide confidentiality and advanced economic models create the foundations for future electronic marketplaces. On these new markets, sellers and buyers can meet in new ways that ensure optimal price formation and eliminate price-raising intermediaries.

On the application side, the project produces a number of concrete systems for doing electronic commerce in collaboration with our industrial partners.

This may range from prototypes to full-scale production systems, and will include systems for auctions, procurement, market regulation and cost allocation.

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The project focuses on three central themes:

  • Game theory and mechanism design
  • Operational research and algorithmics
  • Cryptography

The project combines computational theory with microeconomic theory to be able to analyse systems involving many agents. We also use cryptography are to structure the interaction and available information to ensure better alignment with the game theoretic models.

E.g., we can use modern cryptographic techniques (Secure Multiparty  Computation) that allow controlling exactly what information is available to a player and when, while still allowing efficient processing of the confidential data. 

On the research side, the project produces new research results building on methods in economic theory, allowing existing and emerging electronic markets to be better analysed and understood.

We also develop new results in algorithmics, operational research and cryptography, allowing such mechanisms to be implemented efficiently and securely.

On the industry side, partners such as DONG Energy and can use the technology developed in the project for raw material and energy auctions. Another partner, the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority – DCCA, can use the technology for market surveillance. 


We have developed secure auctions for the energy and sugar industries.

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