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Apps for the dental care service


Apps for the dental care service

Two new apps focus attention on clean teeth

The dental care service in Aarhus wishes to motivate good dental care in a child-friendly and fun way that is easily usable for everyone.

Children born today are likely to live for 100 years. Therefore, the municipal dental care service wants to encourage parents and children to good and lifelong toothbrushing habits.

They focus on two important point of times: When parents have to brush the very young children's teeth, and when the child is ready to take over at the age of 10.

By incorporating modern technology, the head of dental care service in the Municipality of Aarhus, Mette Borum, hopes that a daily effort with the toothbrush will become easier and more visible.

Choose your brush friend, design your own avatar, quiz and get fun facts while brushing your teeth. The two new apps have a toothbrushing log book, where the children can upload a picture of their clean teeth. The children also get a reminder when it is time to brush their teeth.

The new apps will form part of the dental care service's close collaboration with parents and children on preventive efforts.

Both apps can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. Learn more about the two apps: Børstevenner and Avatand

We have contributed with concept development and development of the two apps including the graphical design. This was done in close collaboration with the municipal dental care service in Aarhus, who are experts in toothbrushing, and how to motivate children to keep their teeth clean.

The dental care service has received funding from the Welfare Technological Development Fond, Aarhus Municipality. We have contributed with concept development, design and implementation.

This case deals with dental care, but we use the same methods when we work on developing mobile solutions in many other fields. Therefore we can help you, too.

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