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Aabenraa in motion


Aabenraa in motion

App gets people off the couch

The Alexandra Institute has designed, developed and implemented a digital platform that is part of a municipal health promotion project in Aabenraa.

The Alexandra Institute has developed and implemented a digital platform for Aabenraa in Motion – a health promotion initiative in the municipality of Aabenraa. The aim of the project was to encourage citizens to get of the couch and get more exercise. Both citizens who are physically active every day and those who are not.

The motivation behind the project was to create an attractive community for the citizens and give them a sense of belonging. User participation was therefore an important element in the development of the platform. 

The app is an activity platform that enables the user to view, create and participate in various physical activities. The user earns rewards for exercise intensity and gets an overview of total physical activity level expressed in caloric expenditure. The idea is to encourage citizens to get off the couch by competing against each other.

In addition to the activity platform, the app has a map component that displays activities, facilities and routes. With this feature, Aabenraa can inform citizens about the exact location of municipal facilities and arrange attractive routes and trips in the local area, for example walks in the city or popular mountain bike routes in the forest. Citizens can also use locations and routes as a starting point for their own activities. Aabenraa in Motion works on both iOS and Android.

(The app is available in Danish only).

Aabenraa in Motion was built on the Alexandra Institute's mobile backend platform which is based on a Java Spring technology stack, responsive web design and integration with social media. The platform provides ample opportunity for location-based services, which allows for text, images, audio and video to be displayed at selected locations. This makes the system ideal for training and communication of local information about sports, acitivities, nature and culture.

The platform also supports routes that can be adapted to the underlying road network (roads, bike paths and walking trails), and information points can be displayed for different routes. In the mobile apps, the routes are displayed as interactive tours, and the users receive push notifications when they approach the information points along the route, so they can experience the route and the local area even though the mobile phone is in their pocket.


Partners in the project:

  • Health committee of the municipality of Aabenraa
  • DGI Southern Jutland
  • Association of businesses in Aabenraa
  • Leisure council of the municipality of Aabenraa
  • Aabenraa family & company sports association
  • Bund Deutscher Nordschleswiger
  • Rural district coach in the municipality of Aabenraa

The Alexandra Institute acted as consultants, developers and providers of the digital platform. The collaboration was a dynamic process involving both the municipality of Aabenraa and the Alexandra Institute. 

Apart from providing technology advice to the municipality, the Alexandra Institute also gave advice on how the municipality can benefit from the market potential and make the most of the budget available.

The platform was developed in a dynamic collaboration with the municipality of Aabenraa.
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