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Smart products and production


Smart products and production

We help our customers focus on how to optimise production and how to create new products and services by use of new technological possibilities

The market for smart products is growing rapidly, but a survey shows that Danish companies are not yet riding on the wave. We develop technological services that help stimulate the growth of smart products and services.

Embedded software comes in a wide variety of products. They connect to the internet, have built-in positioning and tracking technologies, they send data about their state and can be upgraded with new online software, and products can be remotely operated from computers, tablets and phones. The products may be upgraded to deliver new types of services after they have left production. In this way, information technology differs from most other technologies embedded in products. This sets new requirements for both design and development, production and the following services.

We can help you in the following areas:

  • Technical design and implementation of smart products
  • Physical design and interaction
  • Ecosystems and servitization
  • More efficient production with augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Safety reviews


Create new products and services by using cutting-edge technology

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