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Interactive urban spaces


Interactive urban spaces

Nationally and internationally, focus is on how we can use technology to promote activities and relations that encourage behavioral change and new social patterns in the city. By using digital technology we can create exciting activities that make the public spaces more attractive to people at all hours.

New life, coherence and development in your city

We bring together architects, engineers and computer scientists to create new concepts for future IT surroundings. With us you get access to the latest knowledge about how to integrate IT in the physical environment. The physical environment includes our smart devices, the spaces and buildings where we live and work, and the landscape and urban spaces around us.

Innovative architects such as Jan Gehl and Bjarke Ingels focus on the spaces between the buildings – rather than just on the specific buildings. This is done in the awareness that bricks and tiles alone cannot create attractive urban spaces where people want to come. If you can create exciting experiences and social platforms between buildings, it will attract people. And where there is life, you can attract and create more life.

Since the installations are mainly non-textual and rather appeal to the senses, they can consider all target groups - both young and elderly people.

Our services in the field of interactive urban spaces:

Digital urban renewal

With digital urban renewal we can create attractive and unique spaces that contribute to new life, coherence and development. The focus on technology as a dynamo for activities and relationships may contribute to behavioral changes and new social patterns in the city. The method is called digital urban renewal.

For more than 16 years we have been working with interactive urban initiatives in Denmark and is the only company in Northern Europe, which has really built up knowledge about Digtial Urban Renewal as a tool. We can offer:

• Inspiration and facilitation of workshops at various stages, from vision to concretisation
• Preparation of urban analyses
• Implementation of tangible digital urban planning processes
• Delivery of unique and / or customized urban initiatives
• Production of technical drawings and material for approval processes
• Digital solutions create vibrant learning, competent communication and active citizens.

Architecture and design

We have worked for many years with development and design of digital instruments integrated into the physical space and we have extensive experience in promoting a desired atmosphere in a specific urban space and contribute to new public spaces for a wide target audience. As an example, we cooperate with the Danish Architecture Centre on the project, UPDATE.

UPDATE is the first major exhibition in Denmark about the Smart Cities technologies which will significantly change the way our cities operate over the coming years. Cities in Denmark and around the world are becoming digital and learning to communicate with themselves and with the citizens. It sounds smart, but is it also intelligent? It sounds like Big Brother, but does it also make for a better city? This was the discussion we wanted Update to raise. You could come and discover the best Danish and international Smart city solutions and visit the smart city of tomorrow, as imagined by the street artist, Mormor. Furthermore you could explore an interactive version of the street, Vester Voldgade in Copenhagen, and meet Smart Citizens from all over the world.

Citizen involvement

Based on current cases where something is at stake for the citizens in the urban areas, we develop concepts and models for how municipalities can use digital media to support citizenship and involvement of citizens in the area. By working actively with citizen involvement through urban installations, competitions and visualisation of relevant data, we suggest new dialogue models with citizens in a new digital paradigm.

Urban development

How can we illustrate a flooding or the historical development of a city through time? Vejle ByLab has developed a prototype in collaboration with us. We created a dynamic extra layer on top of an existing model of Vejle. By means of projectors and an urban soundscape the city's development is visualised at different eras and shows how future climate changes and a sea level rise combined with a flood could affect the city.

Contact us if you want to explore how technology can contribute to urban development in the future!

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