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Health and welfare


Health and welfare

IT-based solutions and services are key to solving challenges facing society within health and welfare. We develop solutions for hospitals, municipalities and IT suppliers to the healthcare system in interaction between user and IT technology. Naturally, based on our competences within user involvement and software development, and focusing on innovation, experiment and implementation.

IT solutions for health and welfare anchored in real needs

New welfare technological solutions are only profitable if they can interact, if they support the day-to-day running and if there is room for innovation both in the IT solutions and the projects around them.

We give you methodical strength to facilitate user-involving processes that unite and challenge differences and complexity. Insight into the needs of patients and staff are central to anchoring design and functionality in real challenges rather than in what is technically possible.

We can handle the entire process from identification to design, software development, implementation and evaluation, and we can also assist you in one of the steps in the process, precisely where you and your organisation need us.

How we can help you:

User involvement
Evaluation and advice
Design and software development
Medical image analysis and simulation



Do you need independent advice on software architecture and open source technologies?

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Health IT Lab
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