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Zaruhi Aslanyan

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Zaruhi Aslanyan

Zaruhi is an expert in cyber security and has a PhD in computer science from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) where she specialised in Formal Analysis of Graphical Security Models.

Zaruhi enjoys experimenting and developing prototypes in Java. She is dedicated to transforming advanced cryptology into security solutions that benefit industry and society. She is interested in the broad concept of security, including security in organisations and social engineering. Social engineering refers to a wide range of scam techniques that hackers use to trick or manipulate people into giving out confidential information – for example to gain access to IT systems. 

She has previously been involved in the EU project TREsPASS where she developed techniques to predict, prioritise and counteract cyber attacks. Moreover, she has many years’ experience of teaching, knowledge dissemination, project management and student supervision.

Primære arbejdsopgaver og faglig interesse:

Main tasks and expertise

Cyber security / Programming / Project management / Teaching and dissemination / Security in organisations / Social engineering
+45 93 50 87 40
Njalsgade 76, 2300 København S