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Sarah Maria Rasch

The focus of my work is my interest in how people interact with each other, with the world and with technology. I examine this by bringing my anthropological perspectives and methods into play in user-driven innovation processes.

I am involved in projects to develop IT for healthcare professionals and citizens in the health sector resulting in greater security for citizens and optimized workflows for the healthcare staff. I appreciate the interdisciplinary collaboration on user-driven innovation processes, I have with my colleagues from the Alexandra Institute and external partners such as engineers, computer scientists, clinicians and system architects.

I am interested in the users’ needs with regard to context and how technology may be helpful rescource rather than an obstacle in their everyday lives, and my job is to illustrate this through ethnographic methods.

Invitation and administration module for Colorectal Cancer Screening
In connection with the development and implementation of a national invitation and administration module for screening secretariats to detect  colorectal cancer in Denmark, I have made a field study of workflows in a screening secretariat and furthermore facilitated workshops.

Open Tele
A telemedicine project aiming at identification and collection of knowledge and input to the development and optimization of the Open Tele client through user involvement, workshops and literature.

My professional expertise is based on classic ethnographic methods as well as new methodological approaches. I often use several methods in my field studies or workshops to validate the data and ensure quality in the project.

  • To carry out ethnographic field studies
  • To make qualitative interviews
  • To make observations and participatory observations
  • Making ethnographic user studies
  • Userdriven innovation
  • To plan and facilitate workshops
  • To elaborate and analyze surveys
  • To work with my own and other people’s field material, for example through transcription, analysis and elaboration of reports
Senior Anthropologist
+45 29 17 93 02
Aabogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N
Hopper building, 3rd floor room 318