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Peter Andersen

Senior Software Innovation Specialist / Internal IT

Peter Andersen

I have a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Aarhus University, which I completed in 1992 with subsidiary subject in Physics.

Concurrently with my study, I was employed as a student programmer at the Dept. of Computer Science and as a programmer at Mjølner Informatics.

After graduating, I have held various positions in the Katrinebjerg environment. Partly in Mjølner Informatics, which I co-own, partly at the Computer Science Department, University of Aarhus and at the Alexandra Institute. For several years, I was associated with the computer language research group at the Department of Computer Science where I took an active part in developing the BETA programming language and the object-oriented approach. I was responsible for the runtime system, including garbage collection, and in collaboration with Ole Lehrmann Madsen, primarily, I developed several versions of BETA compilers on different hardware platforms.

Since then I have worked with virtual machines, JIT compilers, machine code, simulation of instruction sets, embedded programming, computer graphics, web technologies, internet-of-things, and software architecture, and I have my finger firmly on the pulse of the latest IT trends through participation in the Alexandra Institute's research and development projects with Danish and international partners.

I am also involved with fundraising, project management, knowledge transfer, sale, management and economics. However, I also act as sparring partner in a number of the Alexandra Institute's scientific projects with my computer science experience, with particular focus on collaboration with small and medium-sized Danish companies.

Profilbillede af Peter Andersen
Senior Software Innovation Specialist
Head of IT
Internal IT
+45 23 38 24 79
Åbogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N
Hopper building, 2nd floor room 237