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Nina Bonne Breum

Senior Project Manager / Interactive Spaces Lab

Nina Bonne Breum

Nina is passionate about the synergy that emerges when a project is accompanied by the right business processes, including how a project is communicated and understood by its recipients in order to make it relevant. An important part of Nina's work is to ensure how a strong idea can be converted into an ambitious and viable project.

She places high demands on quality and value and is motivated by good and mutually fruitful relationships. Furthermore, she communicates easily with people at all levels.

Nina has a Master’s degree in design from Design School Kolding with additional education in Innovation and Management from CBS, Process Management and Coaching from Metropol as well as Intrapreneurship from Technical University of Denmark.

Primære arbejdsopgaver og faglig interesse:

Main tasks and expertise

Project management / Business development / Design processes / Multidisciplinary cooperation
Senior Project Manager
+45 22 54 50 03
BLOX, Fæstningens Materialgård, Frederiksholms Kanal 30, 1220 København K