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Morten Kyng

I am employed at the Alexandra Institute on a part-time basis where I am the manager for the project Denmark - a Pioneer in Telemedicine. I hold a doctoral degree in computer science and I am a Professor in pervasive computing at the Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University. In addition, I am the director of the Centre for Pervasive Healthcare.

Throughout my career I have influenced on both international research, Danish IT education and on how to bridge the gap between research and industry:

  • In cooperation with the late Kristen Nygaard from Norway and Pelle Ehn from Sweden, I participated in the development of the Scandinavian approach to participatory design (where IT users actively participate in the design and testing of IT solutions), which has set the agenda for comprehensive international research
  • In 2001 I was (as the only European person) appointed to the ACM CHI Academy in recognition of my contributions to the computer-human interaction field
  • I was the Director for Central Denmark Region's venture regarding ICT for healthcare Caretech Innovation
  • I have been the Managing Director for the Danish National Centre for IT Research
  • I was the first Director of It-vest - Networking  Universities
  • I participated in the development of the Danish concept for competence centres which formed the basis for the Alexandra Institute and the IT City of Katrinebjerg.

I have initiated and directed several national and international research projects including the ground-breaking Scandinavian UTOPIA project on participatory design and the Palcom project on Palpable computing. Palcom ended in 2007 and was an "integrated project" under the EU 6th Framework Programme (FP6).

I have conducted most of my research in cooperation with user organizations and industry. Since 1980 I have participated in the development of digital prototypes in areas such as computer-supported cooperative work, hypermedia and pervasive computing. I am currently involved in interdisciplinary research on participatory design of applications for pervasive computing, primarily in the fields of healthcare and software architecture.

My current work

I spend most of my time at the Alexandra Institute on:

  • Identification and maturation of project ideas
  • Feedback and evaluation of launched projects
  • Development of and participation in networks
  • Participation in project meetings, advisory-board and board meetings
  • The daily management of the project Denmark - a Pioneer in Telemedicine

I am an expert in participatory design and user-driven innovation - both in terms of method development and in the implementation of methods in research projects.

I have extensive knowledge of healthcare IT and healthcare. My professional network extends widely in both the health sector and the business community in the Aarhus area, the Central Denmark Region and in the rest of Denmark. With regard to research I have close links to leading international researchers and research institutions.

I am an experienced researcher and have published numerous articles and have been the editor of five books. I have organized international conferences and I have have joined various university committees and executive authorities. I have given keynote speeches at some of the most prestigious international conferences within my research field.

I have several years of experience in building bridges between research and industry originating from my time as Managing Director of the Danish National Centre for IT Research as well as my record as project manager on major international projects with industrial partners.

My recommendations

Head of Health IT Lab, Professor, Dr.scient.
+45 20 26 99 11
Aabogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N
Hopper building, 3rd floor room 320