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Mette Rye Johansen

As an anthropologist, I work with tools from the qualitative method toolbox where I strive to uncover how the world looks from other people's perspectives by means of interviews and participant observation. Therefore, I study not only what people do and how often they do it, but in particular why people behave in certain ways. Thereby I get an understanding of what makes sense for the individual person in a specific situation.

After collecting data, I make a cultural translation, where I mediate between groups with different perspectives, cultures and disciplines. For example when describing to a computer scientist, what a day is like for a nurse, and try to make the two perspectives to play together.

I have complemented my methodological expertise with supplementary subject in quantitative methods, which enables me to develop questionnaires and conduct statistical analyses. Here I work with uni-, bi- and multivariate analyses, where I for example investigate the link between cause and effect and statistical inference, which makes me able to generalize from a random sample of the population.

In my view, the quantitative and qualitative methods are linked together, as the figures only make sense if you understand the people behind the figures. At the same time, the quantitative methods can help  provide an overview of how widespread attitudes and experiences are within a group.

Student Anthropologist
Aabogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N
Hopper building, 3rd floor room 321