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Magnus Koch

I have a MSc in Software Development from the IT University of Copenhagen and a Bachelor in Film Studies from the University of Copenhagen. During my career, I have completed several courses in 3D graphics at Denmark’s Technical University.

My main interest has always been the borderland between art and technology, particularly how this is expressed in computer games and CGI for film production, but also in a wider sense working on interaction design and user interfaces.

Previously, I have worked with rendering and high performance applications in the Danish game industry and in connection with simulations for the production industry.

My primary focus is the performance contract "Digital Images", where we want to help the Danish creative industry through applied research to produce content more efficiently and of higher quality using new technology.

Broad experience with 3D programming, shaders, Unity, game development, optimisation and debugging. Advocate for best practice in e.g. Unit Tests, SOLID and Continuous Delivery.

Deep technical knowledge, focus on user experience and an eye for the visual.

Computer Graphics Engineer
+45 31 35 06 25
Njalsgade 76, 3rd floor,
2300 Copenhagen S