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Mads Møller Jensen

Senior Digital Solutions Architect / Interactive Spaces Lab

Mads Møller Jensen

Mads works with research, software development and innovative solutions in the fields of interaction design and ubiquitous computing. He has particular focus on how the digital and the physical can be combined in installations and products, and on how this combination affects quality, interaction and the end-user.

Mads has previously carried out research in sports technologies and thereby investigated how technology can improve training quality while at the same time make repetitive training more fun and social, for example by participating in the Football Lab and The Bouncer projects. In addition, he has worked with technology to facilitate creative collaboration through the research project Creativity in Blended Interaction Spaces.

Mads has a Master's degree and PhD in computer science from Aarhus University with special focus on ubiquitous computing, bodily interactions and game mechanics.

Primære arbejdsopgaver og faglig interesse:

Main tasks and expertise

Sports technology / Game development / Software development / Dissemination / Digital-physical installations / Ubiquitous computing / Human-computer interaction / Concept development / Interaction design
Profilbillede af Mads Møller Jensen
Senior Digital Solutions Architect
+45 28 77 63 47
Åbogade 34, 8200 Aarhus N
Hopper building, 2nd floor room 225